The History of Croydon

by zachary and harriet

Who are the original inhabitants and how they lived?

The people who lived in our area before the setterles were the aboriginals.The aboriginals lived very different to us today.Aboriginals would eat food from nature.they would eat stuff like grubs,fruit,berries and meat from kangerroos,fish,turtles and snakes.Aboriginals were mostly naked.They wore clothes made out of animal skin and fur.

Australian Aborigines

Who were the first setlers, why did they move into the area and how did they live?

The first sttlers were the british the British and Europeans who came on the first fleet.the very first resident was Captain John Jownson in 1793 then privite J.Eades in 1794 and the first lady was Sarah Nelson. The settlers wore thik clothes with lots of layers. They famed animals such as : sheeps,pigs and cows and havest crops such as :corn,pumken,tomatos and cabage. Croydon had flat land and the soil fertale. this made the area ideal for farming.

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What are some of the major events of Croydon?

Some of the events include:

- The post office opened in 1913.

- Burwood Girls High School opened in 1929.

- 2013 the post office celebrated its 100th year anniversary.

- 1791 Parramatta Road was built.

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What is Croydon like today?

Croydon is a very multicultural and residential suburb. It has different beliefs and different cultures. There are parks like Blair,Centenary and Hammond the shops you'll find up at the strand are news agents restaurants and hair dressers.The schools you'll find are PLC ,Croydon Public,Holy Innocents and Burwood Girls.
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