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Week of February 8, 2016

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Celebrating our School Counselor at the Recognition Breakfast!

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On Friday, We were Getting Ready for the Big Game!

Tuesday, February 9: ILT Plan

All ILT Members: On Tuesday February 9 at 3:15 PM, Dr. Anderson will facilitate a protocol with you all regarding our LSPI. Copies will of our LSPI be available in the Mind Meld room on Tuesday or you can refer to your LSPI business card :)

After Dr. Anderson's discussion with you all, the coaches will continue the conversation from our CLT staff development from January 5, as we focus on moving K-5 to "sustaining" teamwork in our CLT meetings defined by the Learning by Doing Collaborative Learning Team Continuum.

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Cyber Day Practice

Each week that a snowflake appears in the forecast, it means that our students may get to practice Cyber Day. Please make sure you are prepared and have communicated with your parents and students regarding how to participate should there be an inclement weather day this winter.

Save the Date!

On March 8 from 5:30-7:30 PM, we will host a Parent Learning Night, focused on literacy, numeracy, and e-CLASS sessions for parents. Please save the date and look for a follow up email from the coaches as they work with you all to plan this evening of learning!

SAM Data

In the spirit of transparency for continuous improvement driven by data, I've shared some of my most recent SAM data.
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Professional Learning: Thursday, February 11

This week your team will meet in your grade chair's classroom for professional learning because the fourth grade team will have a lesson study underway in the Mind Meld room. We are focused on learning e-Class tools, so please make sure that you have your laptops. Dee Dee will send additional information via email.

Collaborative Learning Teams

Using Data/Results-Based CLT is one of our four strands for CLT work. In professional learning, the Kindergarten team evidenced key work of a CLT when they examined student writing, specifically, "Look For: we use common rubrics to evaluate and analyze student work."
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CLT and Early Release

CLT Teams can find an alternate time to meet during conference week if teachers are using that Tuesday for their conferences.

Social Studies Update from Dr. Daniell

To help you integrate Black History Month into your schools classrooms, please click on the link below for a selection of lesson plans and activities that cover a variety subjects and that can be adapted to fit grades K-5.


Presidents' Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February. Please click on the links below for a selection of lesson plans and activities that cover a variety of subjects.



STEMCampATL-Spring 2016

GCPS is proud to host the 2nd STEMCampATL for metro-Atlanta STEM educators. STEMCampATL is designed to provide access to high quality, personalized professional learning for K-12 educators. Embracing the belief that fellow STEM educators can provide some of the most valuable professional development resources for their colleagues. This learning will be driven by teachers for teachers. Come prepared to share and learn about innovative practices in STEM education. If you are not familiar with an edcamp-style learning opportunity, check this out: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/about-edcamp-unconference-history


When: Saturday March 12, 2016; 8:00am - 12:00pm

Where: Peachtree Ridge HS

To Register: http://stemcampatl.weebly.com/

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And the survey says...

Our RBES Parent Perception Survey from Fall 2015 reported the following responses from our parents regarding the use of technology in our school:

Question #6. The school is improving my student's technology skills.

Don't Know/NA-8.9%

Strongly Disagree-1%



Strongly Agree-21.8%

Question #7. Technology used at the school is helping my student learn.

Don't Know/NA-10%

Strongly Disagree-0%



Strongly Agree-27%

What are our next steps using e-CLASS so that 100% of our parents are affirmed that our students will be ready for college and career?

Come One, Come All to the Y'all Come Sessions!

Thank you to Dee Dee and Lara for hosting Y'all Come Sessions. I joined them this week and made plans for my course page, which I am working on again this coming Tuesday. Ms. Martinez and I are learning alongside of you all.

If you are slow to get started, please sign up for a slot on these days or reach out to either of one of them for a different time.

Our goal is to transform the classroom using e-CLASS tools to enhance your effective classroom instruction.

Below are some topics from this past Thursday that teachers asked about as they integrate these tools into instruction:



Copy Course Components

Classworks Integrated Reading

Adding Widgets

Our Goal is 100% Teacher and Student Usage each Week! We move closer to meeting our goal each week!

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Certified Transfer Process

The Transfer Process will begin on 2/29/16 and will end on 3/11/16. All that are eligible to participate in the process will receive a link/button to use if interested. We will be receiving more information on this process but wanted to make you aware of the timeline.

Week At-A-Glance

National School Counseling Week

Monday, February 8

2:45 - Girls on the Run

5:00 - Spirit Night at Zaxby's

Tuesday, February 9

Dr. Anderson Visit

10:00 - PTA Committee Meeting

2:45 - KidKeys

Wednesday, February 10

7:30 - Chess Club

7:30 - Chorus Practice

2:45 - Art Club

2:45 - PE Club

2:45 - Tech Club

2:45 - Guitar Club

Thursday, February 11

7:30 - Mentor/Mentee Meeting

2:45 - Girls on the Run

2:45 - Orchestra Club

3:00 - Good News Club

Friday, February 12

Personal Leave Not Allowed (If 2/15 is a student holiday)

7:15 - Readers Rally

Celebrating our School Counselor!