The German Immagrints

By: Ethan Halverson

German difficulties

The Germans didn't have enough money to travel to the u.s.

The immigrants got sick because they were on the boat for about two weeks. The German revolution was going on and times were though.

How to make ginger cookies

First, you make the dough next you make the shape of the dough. Then you put it in the oven. The ingredients are: flour, sugar, oven, eggs, milk, vinegar and baking soda.

Where the Germans settled

The first permanent German settlement in what became the United States was Germantown, Pennsylvania, founded near Philadelphia on October 6, 1683.

Traditions from there homeland

There traditions Easter Bunny & the Tale of the Eggs

Christmas Time & Traditions in Germamany they are really fun dances.

Reasons for leaving

They left because they were treated badly and because the war was going on and they wanted to get out to live. They also had a lot of troubles on getting enough money to get to America.

Jobs they were hoping for

They were hoping for good jobs that aren't like slavery and stuff they wanted good jobs

First years in America

The first years in America where not so good for the Germans a lot of them had not much money, bad cloths, bad food a lot of bad things were going on for the Germans but things got a lot better.

Other interesting facts

A lot of Germans died by hunger and diseases on the boat.

More than 2,000,000 immigrants came between the 1800s and through the 1900s.