The Great Mexican Revolution:

"The revolution to start a new government?"

Summarizing of the information: The Mexican Revolution.

The Mexican Revolution began on November 20, 1910. It was intended to overthrow an authoritarian president which then resulted to a multi-sided civil war. This conflict, in which is said that 1 million people have died developed to numerous people that are considered national heroes. Also has produced a new constitution full of economic, social, and political reforms that would help everyone. Many Mexican's in today's present commemorate this day of with the start of the revolution on November 20, the third Monday of November. Celebrating with parades and ceremonies each year. The Mexican Revolution took place in Mexico. Took place in the periods of (1884- 1940). However, most important dates are the periods of (1910- 1920). Alan, Knight of History Today writes: "The Mexican Revolution, was one of the great revolutionary upheavals of the twentieth century."The Mexican Revolution began with a call to arms. On the date of November 20th, 1910. Basically during that time it was set to overthrow the ruler/ dictator Porfirio Mori Diaz. Porfirio wanted Mexico to become industrial, and a more modernized country.Most people in Mexico however did not think the same. So this is where most of the national heroes play role which one of them was Pancho Villa, a poor boy that wanted to fight for everything that was right. So that later on, when he is old enough could've gone to become a Mexican revolution general, during this Mexican Revolution. Pancho Villa, so eager to take Porfirio down. Villa working on the side of Francisco I Madero, another politician. That wanted the presidency of Mexico as well. Wanting what is best for the people. One of the most main causes of the Mexican Revolution was the disagreement among the people of Mexico over the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. Also, the revolution was fought over class, and political issues. Many revolutionary leaders are: Francisco Madero, Pascual Orozco, Pancho Villa, and Emiliano Zapata. As we all know the Mexican Revolution was mostly fought in Mexican soil. Leaving a lot of property loss, and a lot of lives.

Research Question: What were the results of the Mexican Revolution?

The end result of the Mexican Revolution is that it completely destroyed Porfirio's dictatorship. It also destroyed the army that he had. It also changed the country's economic and social system. After everything ended, it was all just for good. The people of Mexico at the end were happy. All of the fighting that the generals did, and the people with the generals payed off. With the leadership of the great generals. And, the help of the women which played a very important role was a very important key role for the rebels. Something that Porfirio didn't have. All he had were his men, that had to do dirty work. Unnecessary, and outlawed work. But in the other hand, we have the good revolutionary leaders, that were fighting for the right things. That's why they had the popularity. The popular vote of the people. This is why they had more people by their side. This is why they won. Even though, most of the revolutionary leaders died, by assassination, or by casual death.

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This article was written because it was giving out different perspectives of the Mexican Revolution. It states different points of views. Some stating if the Mexican Revolution was fought because of a good cause or for a bad cause. It also gives a lot of good information on why this the Mexican Revolution was a huge impact on Mexico's present economic and political issues. However it leaves out some of the supporters of Porfirio. Why were some people on his side if he was making all of the bad choices. And the rebels were taking on all of the good choices.

" Mexican Revolution at ISC." Las Soldaderas & Women Role -. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2015. This is a very important source because it showed how women helped during the Mexican Revolution. Even though they didn't have as much rights, they still managed to help their husbands in the battlefront. Not only that but also nursing, and helping them out in any way that they can. It gives good limitation, however it leaves out much of the women point of view. Some might be how they were feeling? Were they forced to help? Or was it just them. Since most women were against Porfirio.

"6 Things You May Not Know About the Mexican Revolution." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2015. This source gave a lot of information on why people were against Porfirio Diaz as president. How we has very corrupt. How however he got the vote or help from the people as he has made a name for himself in a battle against France. That is why some people were in his side, and actually voted for him. But, it leaves some point of views which are if he promised the people things? Or what other causes made him have a popular vote.