@CRHS Media Center

Weeks of December 12-16 and 19-21

Check out the new SPACE in the media center!

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The media center is excited to begin showing off the new space. More changes will be coming, but so far we've added:

  • Features within fiction sections for GRAPHIC NOVELS, ROMANCE, and MYSTERY/HORROR/SUSPENSE.
  • A combined fiction/nonfiction/biography SPORTS SECTION.
  • New signage.
  • More space..and we're hoping to add more comfortable furniture and some modular tables that can be used in several configurations.
  • Games section (featuring mostly logic games, but also a few golden oldies like twister)
  • Lego station (feel free to bring any legos you have!)
  • Makerspace (it's a work in progress!) with lots of project supplies.

Still to come:

  • Printing station for posters and vinyl lettering.
  • 3D modeling station.
  • Coding station.

Please share other desires you have for the space! We will try to accommodate what you need to help make your media center space an extension of your classroom.

We would love to add some artifacts to make the book features really pop! If you have any of the following that you wish to donate, please feel free to share:

SPORTS: sports equipment: football, basketball, baseball, glove, tennis racket, sports pennants, sports shirts.

GRAPHIC NOVELS: superhero items (figurines, etc.), comic book prints, posters

NON FICTION and MISC: old cameras, small relic technology (cell phones, adding machines, old small tv), globes, small chalkboards, magnifying glass, etc.

We also need items to use in the makerspace. Please consider donating the following if you have them lying around your house:

  • miscellaneous hardware
  • tools
  • cardboard or styrofoam
  • straws
  • rubber bands
  • paper bags
  • random plastic parts
  • legos
  • ribbon
  • toothpicks
  • painters tape
  • socks
  • tshirts
  • plastic cups
  • raft or popsicle sticks
  • yarn
  • pennies
  • wiring
  • craft supplies
  • old hair dryers (to speed drying time of projects requiring glue)
  • anything else you think might be useful!

Erin Bradley, MLIS and Book Relocation Queen

Erin Bradley is a certified media specialist working with amazing colleagues at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, NC.