Tropical Rain Forest

By: Jennifer,Jenny,Jessica


The average temperature in the Tropical Rain Forest is 20 and 25 Celsius. During, July the temputre is 72-93F (22-34C). one of the best time to travel is during a rainy season.


You should bring lightweight clothes. For example: shorts, joggers, tank tops, light weight shoes or hiking shoes, pants, clothes that you would be comfortable wearing around. The cost to travel is $2,269 per person in Brazil. You can travel in an airplane.

Activities In The Tropical Rain Forest

There are many things you can do while visiting the tropical rainforest ! But there are a couple of exciting things ! For example, you can go hiking just to investigate every type of thing there is there, zip lining to see everything that is under you it might sound scary but it will be much fun, but there is one amazing place where you can go visit the wildlife park & reserves you can see many things there like wildlife animals, endangered animals ! You can have fun by visting or doing lots of things here. You won't regret coming.