The death sentence

Tanner Andrews

should the death penalty be allowed?

I think the death penalty should be allowed if the crime is bad enough that they have to consider giving them the death penalty. if there was a murder or something worse that went on then maybe the death penalty would serve justice to make sure they wouldn't do it again and people can be safe.However there are other people who think the death penalty serves no purpose, and serves no justice to the crimes they did.So they think instead of getting the death penalty they should stay away in prison for good.In my opinion they should get the death penalty to make sure they are not going to do anymore crimes again,and more people can stay safe.

  1. how should people receive the death penalty?commentary in the death penalty book says lethal injection is a fast and painless way to give people the death penalty.its the easiest way to give them the death penalty.
  2. in the book the death penalty it talks about "only those of high standard unethical crimes like murder rape or worse are needed" commentary is only the worst and highest acts are needed to get the death penalty after it goes through court
  3. "the court decides where it is done but if it replaced prisons then inmates with low crime records wouldn't be put safe away and everyone would be dead if they were sentenced to the death penalty" stated in the death penalty book commentary is the death penalty should not replace prisons and should only be done to the criminals with very high crime records
  4. "some think it serves a purpose others think it doesn't change what they did if they died too" stated in capital punishment in easybib commentary is it is a very controversial topic if it is right or wrong if it really serves justice
  5. "there is a court case for the people who did the crimes to see if they are guilty or not" in the death penalty commentary is there is a court case to get everything all together
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background information

capital punishment, death penalty or execution is government sanctioned punishment by death. The sentence is referred to as adeath sentence. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. The term capital is derived from the Latin capitals "of the head", referring to execution by beheading.


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