Legislative Process Board Game

Use stop animation video to create a board game!


1. Get out your worksheet on How A Bill Becomes a Law. You can use the internet and other videos or powerpoint provided if needed!

2. Get in groups of two or three!

3. You and your group are going to create a game board that helps you and other students learn how a bill becomes a law.


Get together with your partners to come of with a list of terms that can be used as game cards as a bill moves from start to finish. These should include but are not limited to:

1. Lobbyist

2. Filibuster

3. Rules Committee

4. Mark-Up

5. Debate

6. Veto

7. Override

8. Pocket veto

9. Recommended to the Floor

10. Legislative Branch

Be creative!

Create game cards that will help the bill move forwards or backwards.

Make it colorful!

Have it reflect the legislative process of moving through both houses, committees, and to the President!

Have fun! :)

Next step

Your teacher is going to provide each group with an iPad.

1. You'll be using the app "Stop Animation Studio" to create an interactive progression of your game board. Your teacher will provide you information on how to use the app!

2. The purpose of this is to interactively show the process of how a bill becomes a law while also teaching you how to use some more technology!

3. Don't be nervous, this is a fun and exciting app that you'll be able to do with ease!