Youth and Teenager Sports

Too Intense

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Too intense teenage and youth sports

These youth and teenage sports are too intense. Not only it is intense but its intensity is effecting their physical, social and psychological health.

Kids injuries keep increasing but not all are being reported

Kids injuries just keep increasing and mostly because sports are too intense. A recent report done reported 11.2 concussions for every 10,000 football games and practices. This report is twice as much for college football players. This report is considered low because many coaches encourage kids to not say they don't got an injury. These are a lot of concussion and I wonder how many their really are if the kids don't report when they got injured. This just confirms that today's kids practices and games are too intense. And this is not good at all because a kid could be servery injured. But no one will know the kids is injured because he/her doesn't say anything. And his/her injury could get worst. (Koller,Dionne)

Kids are not only getting injured physically but also psychologically.

Besides physical risks there are psychological problems that can result from being concentrated on only one sport. Youth athletes who are pushed to focus intensely in only one sport can suffer from withdraw and burnout. Burnout is when their is physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion and then can also begin to lose the fun of the sport. Or also the desire or meaning of playing the sport. When a kid goes through burnout is ruins everything that sport once meant for them.They lose the interest of the sports and the just do it for pleasing their parents and not because they want to anymore.Athletes that concentrate on sport tend to be in the sport year-round. Youth athletes that concentrate in one sport are affected by high levels of stress.(Beachy,Erica)

Intense youth and teenage sport also effect there social heath

Youth and teenage sports intensity effect physically, but also socially. Athletes are now competitive by nature and the social acceptance of aggressive behaviors in sport. These acts of aggression are becoming more common in the youth sport setting. These effects can be caused when the sport is too intense.(Ryan)


Youth and teenager sports are becoming too intense. And this is affecting different areas of the kids life.

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