Spanish 1 project

Spanish Country Cuba

we are doing a project for are Spanish 1 class and the country we got was cuba

Cubas vegation

The area of Cuba covered in forest actually only represents 8 % of the country. As well as the mahogany, cedar and ironwood trees, there are also the fruit trees bearing mango, guava, grapefruit, and avocado. It is said that Cuba has more than 70 million palm trees, this being the highest density in the world. The Cuban marshes are by far the largest in the whole of the West Indies.

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Cuban entertainment contains music, games, sports social fun, dancing, and festivals
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The country's sports contains Baseball, basketball, volleyball, boxing, sailing, and trekking. Cubans enjoy the outdoors and loves to be active in most sports!

Music, Arts, Craft, & Customs

Their music is an necessity in a Cubans everyday life. The music that they conduct sounds like Latin American music. The art of Cuba is painting and beautiful kinds of art that describes what kind of country Cuba truly is. Craft is lots of religious art and beauty of their lifestyle. The customs can be every heartwarming and truly inspiring.

Cuban Religion

The religion of Cubans is Christianity, primarily Roman Catholic, & African religions
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Popular Businesses

The popular businesses are consumer goods, financials, industrials, media, oil & gas, and travel like hotels and tour places.
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Cubas Weather

The Cuban weather is sub-tropical the average year round temp averages out to 26 degrees cel with lots of sunshine the season is mainly fall and spring.
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Cuban Animals

Birds, hutia mammal, crocodile, & boa

Cuba's population

Cuba population since taken in 2013 is a total of 11.27 million

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Cuba's Capital

Cuba's capital is Havana which is located on the very top of Cuba facing the United States
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Cuba's flag

As you see above, this is Cuba's flag. With 5 strips 3 blue and 2 white and a red triangle and a star in the middle.

Comparing Cuba too Texas

Cuba's size is very small. Compared to the 2nd biggest state, Texas, it is 0.16 its size!
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Cuba's Food

There are a lot of very popular dishes in Cuba. Most of them contain rice. Rice is the most popular dish in Cuba and is in almost all 3 dishes of the day!
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Cuba's Home Life

In Cuba, most men usually are the ones working and the ones putting food on the table. Not until recently women were forced to be educated and be put to work.
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Cuba's School Days

Cuba's School day is a lot longer than the 8 hours of school that we have today. An elementary school day lasts from 7 am to 7 pm! That's a total of 12 hours! Most of the things that they study is history about Cuba and sometimes other countries!
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