JumpStart Summit

A Working Conference - Tampa, FL (February 26, 2015)

The Context and the Partnership Framework

  • Forces that empower ESA and startup company partnerships
  • The value chain that links ESAs and startup companies
  • Mutual value between ESAs and startups
  • Successful partnership practices

Partnering in Design and Development

  • Balance between need to collaborate and need to share revenue
  • Role of differentiation in the development cycle

Partnering in Delivery

  • Components in this step of the value chain--Selling, Delivering, Supporting
  • Commonly mismatched expectations

Partnering in Problem Formulation

  • Products in search of a market vs. markets in search of a product
  • Leveraging strengths for mutual benefit - accentuate the positive

What conditions or indicators would predict potential for an effective ESA/Startup partnership?

  • Complementary skills and assets
  • Capacity
  • Cachet (ability to involve larger systems)
  • Trust, integrity, honesty
  • Mutual vision

Dr. Sue Jenkins, Sr. Leadership Consultant

Edited by Susan Leddick, PRK and KiNETic; Designed by Dr. Sue Jenkins & Dr. Kelly Gillespie, SWPRSC