November, 2018 (Volume 1, Number 8)

Giving Thanks

From celebrating our Veterans to sharing food around the Thanksgiving table with family and friends, November is a time to pause, reflect, and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

At Leadership Prep School, we appreciate our families for trusting us to educate and lead your children with excellence each and every day. We are thankful for our students and the growth and "a-ha" moments are able to witness and share. We are thankful for our dedicated teachers and staff who show up to work and give us their best, even when they are weary or experiencing their own struggles. We are thankful for the opportunity to provide a school of choice to meet the needs of students who thrive within our walls. And we are thankful for those who serve in our country's armed forces in order to keep us safe and allow us to do what we do every day without worry. This month's newsletter is dedicated to those worthy of our thanks for leading with a servant's heart.


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Kavya Mahadevia: A true, young leader

LPS eleventh grade student, Kavya Mahadevia, initiated a leadership training program using the 7 Habits for middle school and high school students attending youth camp at KSHT Hindu Religious Temple - the biggest temple for the Hindu community in Texas located at Independence and Eldorado Parkway.

Kavya approached temple leaders and convinced them to allow her to create a leadership program for the youth at the temple using the knowledge and skills she acquired at LPS. Temple leaders agreed to allow her to conduct one hour sessions based on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective people for middle school and high school students with approximately 30 students in each session. The response was tremendous, so temple leaders asked her to conduct a training on all 7 Habits during their youth camp. With help from her dad and armed with knowledge she has acquired during her five years at LPS, Kavya created a lesson plan for each habit and prepared presentations, created games, and conducted interactive sessions for the students. The students focused on one or two habits each week, and Kavya worked to ensure that all participants had an opportunity to take part in discussions, games, and skits during the trainings.

“My favorite habit is ‘Find your voice and help others find theirs.’ To me, serving the youth at my temple means sharing my knowledge about leadership with others and helping them grow as well,” said Kavya.

Top authorities from the organization visited the temple to witness Kavya in action and recognize her for her efforts. They praised Kavya for being so clear in her approach when proposing her idea and for executing her vision exceptionally well. The temple’s youth group actively participates in activities in the community and in religious services, and leaders stated that Kavya’s trainings added a new layer of depth and perspective to their youth program. In fact, they were so impressed with her training sessions that they plan to allow her to offer leadership classes every summer. Kavya has been a loyal attendee at the temple since 2009 and is an active member of the KSHT youth group, which earned the 1000 hours Presidential award in just three months. Kavya is pleased to have the opportunity to give-back to the youth in her community and make positive changes to society.

“I love that culture and leadership is prioritized at LPS and there is no competition between social groups - bullying is not tolerated,” explained Kavya. “We are also taught that there is always room for improvement which helps drive us to always do our best.”

Kavya’s Dad, Kartavya Mahadevia, as well as her teacher, Mrs. Shaffer are her greatest influences. Her dad has taught her to lead herself in the right direction. She credits Mrs. Shaffer for staying positive and encouraging her students to “try and improve,” in any situation.

In addition to her school work and leading leadership training sessions for youth, Kavya is a talented folk dancer. She has been dancing since she was three years old and has performed in over one hundred stage shows at prestigious venues. She has won several trophies and certificates in dance. Additionally, she is part of Teens for Green group for Frisco and assists in planning the activities her mom uses in her business, “Home Montessori.” She plans to attend college and pursue a career in either business or public health once she graduates from LPS.

Kavya concluded her interview with this advice, “Have enough confidence in yourself to know when change is need.” These words of wisdom are from a true, young leader.

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LPS 7th Graders Raised $1500 for Team Connor through Project-Based Learning Activity

Mrs. Barrientez and Mrs. Blankenship designed a fun yet challenging project-based learning (PBL) assignment for their 7th grade math/science students to raise funds to combat childhood cancer. The driving question for this project was, "Which type of slime will bring the most money?" at the school carnival. The problem statement was, "We are entrepreneurs who will build our business creating and selling slime at the fall carnival so that we can raise money to donate to Team Connor." The TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation mission is to raise funds for national childhood cancer research programs, to build awareness that less than 4% of the National Institute of Health's annual funding supports childhood cancer research, and to support inpatient programs.

LPS is the P.L.A.C.E. to be!

The mission of Leadership Prep School is to inspire students to learn, grow, and lead for a lifetime. The acronym P.L.A.C.E. summarizes the five key areas that have been selected as the focus of LPS’ vision: Parent partnership, Leadership development, Academics, Creativity and Excellence.

LPS is proud to be a Leader in Me based school that applies The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to emphasize a culture of student empowerment and help unleash each child’s full potential. Focusing on the program’s timeless leadership principles nurtures the skills students need for success in the 21st century.

Leadership Prep School is recognized as a “Computer Science Immersion School” by Code to the Future. LPS integrates programming and game design into its curriculum starting in kindergarten with more advanced computer science concepts introduced as students advance each year.

Leadership Prep School is part of the New Tech Network and partners with local businesses to engage students in project-based learning activities, which enhances critical thinking skills in order that students may become strong problem-solvers. Project-based learning methodology makes learning relevant and prepares students for the demands of the workplace.