Technology in Education

Does playing video games or media impact children education?


Playing video games does impact children's education because kids are exposed to violent games and bad words. It also has a big distraction and causes them to not do homework.

Electronic media and effects on children

Cartoons cause kids to not want to do homework, the TV can also cause eye sight problems. Many cartoons presents many bad examples and they show them the wrong words to call their peers. The darker cartoons bring out a more violent side.

The effectiveness of new tech tools in education

New technologies have the potential to fundamentally transform how, and when what students will live their daily lives. Technology is starting to get lower in cost, that's why its easier to get technology in the stores. And cheaper to get games in the stores that are violent.


Its is increasingly common for students to drop out of college simply because of video game addiction. There are many people who are addicted to YouTube games that have dropped out of school and are also unable to care for their own needs. Also, most still live at home with no job or education.