Even famous People now were Abused

By: Dillon Capalongo, and Tyler DiNatale

Jackie Robinson

This article is about how Jackie Robinson conquered his problems. also it talks about all the ways you can solve a problem today.

The Problem of Racism and Abuse.

Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player to play in the major leagues. Though, he did not get there easily.

The major problem is inequality for many innocent people. Many people were judged differently, like women and blacks. Blacks were treated horribly, and were never respected by other whites. Women were mistreated by men, and were thought as weak and useless. They could not vote, act in the government, and had no rights at all. Jackie Robinson was black, and hated by others only because of his color.


Jackie was mistreated by thousands of people all because of his color. He overcame the problem by avoiding the many people who were judging him by race. Many people on other teams would even cut jackie on purpose to make him mad or just even hurt him, but jackie robinson did not let them stop him from becoming a great baseball player.

The Problem with Racism Today

Today, even after what Jackie Robinson and others did to overcome the problem, people are still being abused. In "it's Morning in America or is it" African Americans are not getting any better after the great depression. There are many who are poor and even homeless. And yet, women are still being abused by men. They still don’t have as many rights as men.

what can we do today to stop abuse?

There are many things that can stop abuse for many people. Anybody can start fundraisers, petitions, speeches, and protests to stop abuse. People can donate to help African Americans. The government can give good jobs and an education to Africans that need it most. Women who have been abused can come together and start a protests to enforce illegalizing abuse.

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