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Vol. 46 Things Get Rough in the Capital

The Archives War Special

The So Called Archives War

With the great danger our Republic is at, new problems will find their way in.
After the merciless Mexicans invaded our properly gained country, Mirabeau B. Lamar used his executive power to move the archives from Austin to Houston. Ex-President Houston Supported this Idea. After the executive action and considerably desperate decision President Lamar took, a group of Austinites led by Angelina Eberly came out and fired at the officials with the archives. We as your friendly DAILY TEXAN news reporters decided to take a deeper dig into these "Archive Wars"...

Angelina Eberly

Angelina Eberly was an innkeeper and a hero of Austin,Texas in the Archives War. Angelina was born to John and Margaret Peyton in Sumner County, Tennessee.

Houston's support for Lamar

Houston was glad of Lamar's decision. Lamar saw those archives in danger and decided to move them. Houston gladly supported this and believed the capitol should be moved to its previous location in Houston.

Sam Houston

Samuel "Sam" Houston is a Texas politician and soldier, best known for his role in bringing Texas into an independent Republic.

Angelina Eberly's opinion

"We are proud to say our city of Austin has the best location for our capital and we are proud to defend its right at any cost. This wasn't just a nonsense fire, it had a reason"

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