Rising Tuition in the CSU System

Tuition Keeps Going Up!

According to the data available on the College Board website, tuition prices for the California State University have been consistently rising during the past several decades. They have been rising consistently, but not steadily. In fact, the rate at which tuition has been rising has been accelerating, spiking in the past ten years.

"Average tuition of 4-year public universities was $2,710 for the 1973-74 school year, compared to $8,893 for the 2013-14 school year"

Here's a Big Part of the Problem.

The California State University does not raise tuition rates to profit from students- that is, they are not just hiking up the price to try to make money off of the students. In truth, the CSU is losing its government financing. The current trend is that the government is giving less and less money to the CSU, and so the university has to gain its money elsewhere. The difference between what the government gives and what university needs is thrown on the students.

"The university is not profiting at all from the raises, it is merely trying to make up for the budget cuts that were pushed upon it"