The Final Countdown

Getting ready for take-off

Dear Friends and Family,

One of my favorite songs is the final countdown. And I don't know any of the words except " the final countdown" and then I hum horribly and then sing the final countdown again and again. As I listen to the song and learn that their are actually words I also learned that the group that sings the song is Europe.

And that's what it is for us. It's The final countdown as we are counting down the days before we head back to Europe, to Leipzig, Germany. The first words of the song are we are leaving together and that's so true. We have enjoyed our time in the states. We have got to preach in so many churches, we have met so many amazing people and we have gotten to spend much needed time with friends and family.

I heard a quote the other day "New season, new strategy, same source" and that's exactly where we are heading.

New season--our house is rented out, we are living with family and our new season is about to start in Germany. This isn't an easy transition so please be praying for us as we plan on leaving March 30th.

New strategy-- This is something I often ask God for...A stragegy. We are getting ready to embark on one of the biggest adventures in our life. A church plant, in a new city, a new country. God please give me a new strategy, for our new big adventure. Give us a strategy for our church plant, to meet friends and to lead people

Same source--I am going to continue to rely on the same source that helped us have such a successful first term. As I say often, God did it, God did it, God did it.

Help us to finish strong and leave together. We have $675 in monthly support to raise. Please consider being a loyal supporter for the next 4-6 years of our lives. Please help us plant the church. Please prayerfully consider supporting us $5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or $675 a month. And also be singing with us it's the final count down.

Highlights for our time in the states




Missionaries to Germany

We are missionaries to Germany and are going to be doing a church plant in Leipzig, Germany.