Liberia In Need

Providing medical aid to those in need.

The Issue

Liberia has recently ended fourteen years of continuous conflict. This ongoing conflict has led to the destruction of medical care services throughout the country, leaving people without the help they need. Liberia has a population of about four million and only has close to 120 doctors; that is about 33,000 people per doctor. Access to the basic health care services is a serious problem, as more than 75% of Liberia's population cannot receive the care they require.

Due to the lack of health services, some of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world have been a result. The spread of HIV/AIDS is a continuing problem in Liberia. Lack of knowledge about HIV and AIDS has caused the prevalence of the diseases to increase. Limited condom use and misconceptions to HIV/AIDS further contribute to the spread of these diseases.

About 80% of Liberia is unemployed, and if a person is lucky enough to have a job, they bring in only about $30-150 per month. This amount of money people are living off of is hardly enough to purchase food and clothing for a family. About 39% of children in Liberia do not have proper nutrition.

How to Solve the Problem

By donating the extra change in your pockets, you can help us care for the people of Liberia. If you can help us get them on their feet, they can make a difference in the lives of people around them. You can make a difference by helping.


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