Dr Robert Burkich

Board Certified Medical Practitioner: Dr. Robert Burkich

Dr Robert Burkich

Dr. Robert Burkich is an expert in preventive medicine, anti-aging techniques, and chelation therapy. As the owner and director of a successful medical practice dedicated to preventive medicine, Dr Robert Burkich has effectively helped thousands of patients achieve their optimum level of functioning. Dr. Robert Burkich has received board certification in chelation therapy from the American Board of Chelation Therapy. In addition, Dr. Robert Burkich is board certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr Robert Burkich's Preventive Medicine

Through preventive medicine, Dr Robert Burkich specializes in keeping his patient looking young and staying healthy. Burkich's preventive medicine is expert at anti-aging and keeping the body fit. Robert Burkich treats the whole body, not just one symptom.

One of Robert Burkich's specialties is chelation therapy. Heavy metals can build up in the body. They come from processed foods, tap water, and can even get into your food from various cookwares. Heavy metals build u in the body fast, and the body, unfortunately, has no way to properly get rid of them. Chelation therapy is designed to rid the body of heavy metals. Dr Robert Burkich uses urinalysis to test the level of heavy metals in his patients' body. Then, based on the level, he designs a course of therapy specialized for the patient. Chelation is administered intravenously and the process takes about three hours, while the patient is placed in a comfortable and calming atmosphere.

Dr Robert Burkich also specializes in weight loss. Cleanses and fasts are a quick fix to weight loss, but often afterward the weight is put back on. Through physician guided weight loss, a patient can find a sustainable way to lose weight. Robert Burkich uses medication, dietary supplements, and meal plans to help build sustainable weight loss. He also recommends light everyday exercise as a supplement to the process.

Robert Burkich also works on anti-aging. The aging process can leave people feeling sluggish. This is often due to a hormone deficiency. Using invasive tests, Dr Robert Burkich can assess the lack of hormones and through hormone therapy can bring his patients back to feeling young and energetic.

Dr Robert Burkich on Anti-Aging

Aging is a natural process of life. There are various difficulties that come with aging which can include a loss of sex drive, a lower quality of sleeping, and lower energy levels. Many people just throw these symptoms up to old age. Dr Robert Burkich, however, says there can be other factors involved.

Dr Robert Burkich is an expert in preventive medicine. He has been in private practice for over fourteen years and started his own preventive medicine practice in 1996. Dr Robert Burkich specializes in weight loss, chelation therapy, and anti-aging.

Robert Burkich says that these symptoms, which are often mistaken as just part of old age, can actually be a result of hormone deficiency. So many people suffer all these symptoms and feel they are stuck with them, but Dr Robert Burkich has treatments that can help relieve or alleviate these symptoms all together. Patients who visit Robert Burkich are submitted to a series of tests to discover exactly what is wrong.

These tests include taking blood and saliva samples. Once the samples are tested, Dr Robert Burkich then plans out a personal treatment plan for each patient, which includes going over the samples, going over the patient's medical history, and completely assessing the condition. If the symptoms are due to hormone deficiency, the patient is then placed under a personalized hormone replacement therapy. Patients who have gone through hormone replacement therapy have reported a much high level of energy. They have also reported a higher sex drive and better mental clarity.

Proponent of Preventive Medicine: Dr. Robert Burkich

Preventive medicine has gained mounting popularity in the past 20 years. Dr. Robert Burkich, a preventive medicine expert, supports the advancement of the field. While traditional medicine treats illness in the short term, preventive medicine aims to prevent illness altogether, or at least catch it before it becomes too troublesome. In addition to preventive medicine, Dr. Robert Burkich advocates for the adoption of healthy habits.

Most people seek medical attention when they are experiencing acute illness or crisis. For many of us, as long as it’s not hurting, nothing is wrong. According to Dr. Robert Burkich, this is not always the case. Seemingly harmless ailments such as body aches, disturbed sleep, or allergies can have an underlying cause that, if alleviated, will also result in the disappearance of the associated symptoms. For many of Dr. Robert Burkich’s patients, treatments such as chelation therapy have resulted in alleviation of annoying, lifelong ailments. An expert in chelation therapy, Dr. Robert Burkich advocates its use in removing heavy metals from the body.

In addition to improving health and preventing disease with medical treatments, healthy lifestyle habits play potentially the largest role in securing long term health. Recommended healthy habits include proper diet and exercise, as well as the avoidance of voluntary toxins such as tobacco and alcohol. Dr. Robert Burkich has witnessed remarkable success in many of his patients who are committed to leading a healthy life.

For Dr. Robert Burkich, preventive medicine is healthcare’s best answer to curing disease. While the goal of traditional medicine is, in effect, to put a bandage on a stab wound, preventive medicine’s aim is to apply a tourniquet. In other words, preventive medicine heads disease off at the pass instead of waiting for symptoms to manifest. Dr. Robert Burkich is a proponent of preventive medicine and the unique role it can play in developing and maintaining a healthy community.

Dr. Robert Burkich on Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Widely recognized as an expert in preventive medicine, Dr. Robert Burkich is a proponent of bio-identical hormone therapy. As the founder of his own practice, which now boasts many locations, Dr. Robert Burkich is committed to providing patients with treatment options. Dr. Robert Burkich remains on the cutting edge of new developments and research in the field, in order to ensure he offers patients the best quality service. In addition to other services offered at Dr. Robert Burkich’s practice, an effective treatment that is gaining popularity is bio-identical hormone therapy.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy helps those who are experiencing hormonal imbalance to regulate their hormones, and to effectively control negative symptoms. Some common symptoms experienced as the result of a hormonal imbalance may include: decreased energy, mood swings, depressed mood, decreased sex drive, poor memory, poor concentration, and muscle aches. In Dr. Robert Burkich’s practice, many people who have undergone bio-identical hormone replacement therapy have reported a drastic improvement in their symptoms, as well as increased motivation to lead active lifestyles.

Dr. Robert Burkich knows that when a person is depressed or experiencing a hormonal imbalance, they are less likely to make the conscious decision to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. If an imbalance persists, a person can potentially spend years in a state of physical and mental deterioration. If left untreated, hormonal imbalances can affect every aspect of one’s life.

Dr. Robert Burkich knows that treatments such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can play a crucial role in improving an individual’s quality of life, especially in combination with proper diet and exercise. Because of his dedication to improving the lives of others, Dr. Robert Burkich continues to encourage hormonally imbalanced patients to consider bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Robert Burkich also will continue to expand his practice, in order to provide preventive medicine services to those who need it most.

PMAAC Founder Dr. Robert Burkich Loves his Work

Dr. Robert Burkich, proud alum of Ross University, is a renowned medical professional with over 20 years of practice experience. An expert in preventive medicine, anti-aging, and chelation therapy, Dr. Robert Burkich is the founder of a successful practice dedicated to these areas of medicine. Dr. Robert Burkich’s practice, Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy Inc., provides innovative treatment options for those seeking to improve their overall health. During his career, Dr. Robert Burkich has established a stellar reputation in the medical community for providing high quality preventive medicine services.

Some common ailments that Dr. Robert Burkich’s patients present with include: chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and peripheral vascular disease. In addition to the opportunity to meet a wide range of individuals, Dr. Robert Burkich enjoys the challenge of applying the latest in preventive medicine advancements to treat a spectrum of illnesses. In combination with a comprehensive activity and nutritional plan, Dr. Robert Burkich recommends treatments based on quality research and best practice models.

Dr. Robert Burkich is an experienced medical professional who loves his work. The improvements he has helped foster within his patients have provided motivation for Dr. Robert Burkich to continue his successful practice. Since he opened the doors of his first practice nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Robert Burkich has opened three additional locations, with two new locations in the works.

As a testament to the positive results achieved by thousands of patients, the success of Dr. Robert Burkich’s practice is overwhelming. In an effort to meet the medical needs of the community, Dr. Robert Burkich is committed to offering top notch preventive medicine to parts of the country that lack this service. Currently licensed to practice medicine in Tennessee, Georgia, and Utah, Dr. Robert Burkich is hoping to expand his practice to include locations in Utah.

Dr. Robert Burkich, Proud Ross University Alum

Ross University Medical School is a well-respected institution that has a stable history of providing its students with high quality medical education and valuable practical experience. Dr. Robert Burkich is a proud graduate of Ross University, having attained his medical degree in 1989. In Dr. Robert Burkich’s opinion, the education he received at Ross University has been well worth the long nights of studying and stressful examinations.

Since graduating nearly 25 years ago, Dr. Robert Burkich has become a renowned expert in the field of preventive medicine. As the founder of Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy Inc., Dr. Robert Burkich is dedicated to treating the root cause of an illness versus managing symptoms. In this way, Dr. Robert Burkich and his staff provide a refreshing, results-oriented alternative to the treatment options offered by traditional medicine. For many experiencing chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, or a myriad of other ailments, preventive medicine can help to restore good health in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits.

Dr. Robert Burkich is skilled in providing many treatment options to meet the unique needs of his patients. Ross University is credited with training aspiring medical professionals to conduct a thorough examination in order to accurately evaluate patient needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment. Dr. Robert Burkich has carried this approach over to his practice. As a testament to the quality of Dr. Robert Burkich’s services, an increased demand for preventive medicine services has led him to open multiple practice locations in several states.

The greatest part about being an expert in preventive medicine, for Dr. Robert Burkich, is the ability to help treat a range of illnesses in a safe and effective manner, as well as to positively change the lives of others. A proud alum of Ross University, Dr. Robert Burkich credits the superior education he received at Ross University with his impressive start in the medical field.

Budding Songwriter: Dr. Robert Burkich

Dr. Robert Burkich is well-known for his medical expertise and compassionate nature. Slightly less known is his ability to compose inspiring music and vivid lyrics. A passion he has possessed since childhood, writing led Dr. Robert Burkich to dream of the day when he would complete a professionally recorded track. For Dr. Robert Burkich, music provides the beat to which we courageously make our journey through life.

Less than a year ago, Dr. Robert Burkich’s dream came true. Through creative collaboration with talented musicians, Dr. Robert Burkich recorded his first single, “Florida,” which is currently available for purchase and download. A medical professional as well as a family man, Dr Robert Burkich values the time he can take to invest in his passion for writing and singing.

Songwriting and singing are two of Dr. Robert Burkich’s favorite pastimes. While usually hard at work helping to change the lives of others for the better, Dr. Robert Burkich also writes music that he hopes will become a relaxing soundtrack for the lives of many. His impeccable sense of style and classic taste influences Dr. Robert Burkich’s lyrics, as is evident in his recently released single.

Although Dr Robert Burkich has enjoyed writing for many years, it was not until recently that he set out to professionally record his musical compositions. As a family man, Dr. Robert Burkich has had a lot of help from loved ones throughout the production of his single. Motivated by the support of his family, Dr. Robert Burkich is enjoying his opportunity to professionally pursue his favorite hobbies.

For Dr. Robert Burkich, music is as important to the soul as healthy life habits are important to the body. With a unique ability to make this connection, Dr. Robert Burkich believes that good mental and spiritual health, reinforced through music, are significant factors in ensuring our physical well-being.