The Scientifc Revolution

by: Ingris♥Ramirez

What was the change?

This change was a rebirth of learning and the arts, inspired a spirit of curiosity in many fields. This change began in 1300 and went on until 1600. It prompted followers to challenge themselves and accept the ways people thought about God and Salvation.

Who were the people associated with the change?

One person associated with the change was an Italian scientist named Galileo Galilei. He published a story called "Starry Messenger". Also another person that was associated with the change was an English scientist named Isaac Newton. He helped bring together their breakthroughs under a single theory of motion. Also Nicolaus Copernicus took part in it with his heliocentric theory.

How did the change impact society at the time?

A lot of people believed that the earth was an immovable object located in the middle of the universe. The change impacted society because it frightened both the catholic and protestants.

How is that change evidenced today's modern society?

scholars questioned ideas of this change. they began to do more research on what these three "scientist" researched and began to understand more about this change. For example, first they didn't understand certain things about the earth and now they do.