Spectacular Sponge

By:Kerrin Sullivan


You’ll be shocked to know that sponges were discovered 500 million years ago. Sponges are very interesting creatures, and some information about these animals are very intriguing. The creatures habitat, movement, and appearance are just some things about the sponges that interest people!


Amazingly, a sponge is a member of an aquatic animal phylum.We learned about the habitat, movement, and appearance, about the different creature. I think that the animal is very interesting to learn about. Hopefully one day I will go to Australia and see a real life slow- moving sponge, and see what color it is. Maybe it will be stuck on a rock or a hard object that is towards the bottom.

Think Tank!!!!!

In my think tank I have a quizzle. Test your knowledge and what you know about a sponge!

Next, I made a world wall describing facts about this creature.
Lastly, I have a free verse poem about a sponge and it's live.

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Lives on the bottom,

Sits so pretty,

Colorful as can be,


Very slow,

Very deep,

Laying on a rock,


500 million years ago

when you were found,

5,000 species are discovered,

5,000 species still to found,


Many different textures,

Can be flat too,

Part of the aquatic animal phylum,



  1. Jellyfish
  2. ***Sponge***
  3. Starfish
  4. Octopus
  5. Blue Tang Fish
  6. Dolphin
  7. Seahorse
  8. Crab
  9. Coral
  10. Clam
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Go Fish!!!

I had such a great time making a fish tank. For my fish tank I bought a lot of decorations! My theme of the tank was the little mermaid. I got coral reef because I thought that it would be very pretty and would make the fish feel comfortable and like it was the regular ocean. They lounge around and relax or sleep. The theme was the little mermaid I got statutes or the characters from the movie. Ariel, Flounder, the crab, Ursula,l the dad of Ariel, a castle, and a boat.All together we spent $89.60 just on decorations. I also got things that we had to get like, a tank, thermometer, filter, salt, and food. I got those things because a fish needs them and you have to be nice to your animals. Including everything like what they needed and the decorations, I spent 4151.32. Next,we bought six fish. I like all the fish because they are colorful and go good with the theme. I got a Yellowtail. That fish was purple and had a yellow tail, just like it’s name, it was three inches. I also got a blue female that was a light blue and three inches. A Strawberry Dotty was an animal that I got too. I got only one of them but it is three inches just like the other fish that I got. Another fish that was three inches was the Red female. This female fish was red and had long wings on it’s body. The Blue Damsel is a two inch fish that I bough to add to the tank. The Blue Damsel was a beautiful blue fish that had light blue fins. Lastly, my favorite fish that I got was the Lyretail. I love that fish because it is orange and that is my favorite color. That fish was five inches and the biggest of them all. Together my fish coast $46.90. Altogether I spent $207.30, and my budget was$250.00. I got all my things from petco, and petsmart. I am super happy with what I got and hopefully I can actually start a fish tank.