Professional Development

Tezella G. Cline, PD Specialist

... Passionate about Teaching & Training

  • An educator for 30 years!
  • 18 years of classroom experience!
  • Award-Winning Special Educator!
  • Experienced as a Full-Time Mentor
  • Experienced Trainer/ Professional Developer

Professional Development Specialist - Job Description

General Statement of Job:

The professional development specialist is responsible for ensuring that various employee groups have access to high-quality training opportunities by conducting training programs and by seeking out training agencies or consultants to provide training. The person works closely with all central office departments, with senior staff members, principals, and with teachers. The professional development specialist reports to the associate superintendent.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities...

· Development of the district professional development plan

· Management of the SEA System

· Research various topics and vendors

· Develop/design workshops for teachers based on identified needs.

· Conducting Training Programs for new teachers, experienced teachers, principals, central office leaders, and any employee group that requests training.

· Conduct yearly online surveys (Professional Development Survey, Federal Programs Survey, AIG Survey, and other surveys as requested.)

· Provide training for schools as requested

· Assist principals with the development of the school’s professional development plan as requested.

· Develop and maintain ongoing documentation of all professional development related data, procedures, and events

· Attend local, regional, and state professional development trainings and meetings

· Maintain and lead the revision of a district professional development handbook

· Develop and maintain communication and informational tools for all staff (calendar, wikis)

· Assist with planning special events (Opening Day, Summer Splash, Administrative Retreat, Community Meetings)

· Secure training sites for various trainings and meetings

· Conduct teacher observations for Ipod Grant participants, SIOP, Kagan, IET District Walkthroughs.

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Additional Job Functions or Assigned Tasks...

· Serve as the local, district contact person for the Department of Public Instruction for specific training initiatives

· Oversee the professional development rooms at Teachers Memorial Building

· Oversee the implementation of district initiatives (SIOP, Ipod Grant, Evaluation Instrument for North Carolina Teachers, Principals, Online Version of Evaluation Instrument, NC WISE, WIDA Standards/ Handbook)

· Conduct Initial Mentor Training & Mentor Refresher Trainings

· Support and assist with training for specific district initiatives (21st Century IT Literacy Grant, Thinking Maps)

· Meet monthly with Instructional Effectiveness Team

· Conduct IET walkthroughs as scheduled

Samples of my work...

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Documentation of Continuous Improvement

Professional Development

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Major Initiatives...

Kagan Cooperative Learning
Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol - The SIOP Model
i21 Grant (Ipods/Ipads)
Common Core Training
Mentor Training & Mentor Refresher
Differentiation Of Instruction
Introduction to Literacy in the Common Core

Data Collection and Management

Additional Items...

Teachers are now able to engage in PD activities using 21st Century Tools!

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Ipads bring excitement and real-world experiences to teachers as they learn!

These have been used in the following trainings thus far:
  • Introduction to Literacy in the Common Core
  • Mentor Training