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January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful winter break! We dove right back into the learning in Room 204 and are enjoying every minute. The cold weather can't put a chill on our excitement about reading, writing nonfiction, weather, and geography skills. Take a peek at what we are doing in the new year....
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We are really enjoying this science unit! We are investigating the wind now and will be keeping track of the wind speed for the next few days. The students will come home with flags to help them determine the wind speed. During the coming lessons the students will discover different types of clouds, what humidity is, and how the sun affects weather. Exciting things to explore in weather for our class.

Yoga, Go Noodle, and Resposive Classroom

Ever wonder what happens when 22 kids get a bit tired and have worked hard for a period of time? Brain breaks!! Whenever we get worn out, have worked a long time, or just plain need a break we give our brains a rest by engaging in a fun, refreshing activity. It makes us feel better and ready to learn again.


We have been busy with Unit 4 measuring length, time, and money. The students have really enjoyed measuring and are becoming very handy with a ruler. Please stress at home to start flush at the end of the ruler and object to be accurate. When measuring with nonstandard units we have a quote.... no gaps and no overlaps. That helps us to be more accurate as well.
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Our student council is collecting new hats and mittens for Camden County families in need. If you would like to participate, please send in the items with your child.


It has been very exciting to see the students growth! The students are working so hard and making great progress. They really love the Daily 5 and hands down, Read to Self, is their favorite. They love to get together with a classmate and share books and stories.

Please continue to help me ensure their continued growth by checking their reading and the black folder that comes home. I value your support and assistance in this.


In Reading we were learning about biographies and the text features found in them. In our Journey's book we read about Dr. Seuss. We read a biography on Martin Luther King as well. To further highlight what a biography is, I then read a biography on Jane Goodall. The students are really interested in her life's work! If your child would like to investigate her further her website is linked here.

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Events to Look Forward To:

Groundhog Day

100th Day

Valentine's Day

President's Day