It's Time To Put On The Green!

St. Patrick's Day Arbonne Product Special!

A Special Offer To My Wonderful Clients!

We're all Irish on March 17 and green is the color of the day. So, I am offering some specials to you for any Arbonne products in the catalog that are green.

From March 17 to March 18,
  • you will get 35% off anything that is green in the catalog
  • You will get 50% off (that's right, half price) all that is green, if you go to my Arbonne website, click on the About Us link at the bottom of the page, and tell me what green topic you find.

Here are some obvious ideas for green products: any green eye shadow or eyeliner, anything in the Calm skin care line, and the SeaSource geleƩ. But be creative! The product itself doesn't have to be green (hint, hint). You can get as many items as you would like, as long as you can justify their green-ness!

And, to get maximum discount, make sure to go to my Arbonne website and tell me what you find under the About Us link. (You won't find this offer on my website, so you will have to get back with me by 11:30 PM Friday, March 18.)

I'm Feeling Lucky!

Thursday, March 17th, 9am to Friday, March 18th, 11:30pm

The comfort of your own home

Take a look at my Arbonne website, or read through your catalog, make your list of any products that are green, and then call or email me with your order.

You won't find this special on my website, so make sure to get back with me by 11:30 PM on Friday, March 18. We'll sort out payment options then. Sorry, but any Preferred Advantage points you may have cannot be used for this offer.

Remember, be creative! There's lots of green in our products so surprise me on what you find.

Betsy Novotny
Independent Consultant, District Manager
Arbonne International
We Are Arbonne