VCR Here and There: Lesson 2

Sarah Bowling 1A


Part of speech: noun

Root: alter <L. "other"

Definition: A noisy quarrel.

Sentence: Each team received a penalty flag for unsportsmanlike conduct because many of its players were involved in a heated altercation.

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Part of speech: noun

Root: epi <G. "on", "toward"

Definition: An inscription on a tombstone in memory of the person buried there; a brief (literary) summary of a dead person's life.

Sentence: Thomas Jefferson did not want his presidency included in his epitaph because he did not want that part of his life to be remembered.

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Part of Speech: noun

Root: para <G. "beside"

Definition: A model of excellence or perfection.

Sentence: John Winthrop described Massachusetts Bay to be the paragon of civilization; it is an exemplary "city upon a hill".

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Part of speech: adjective

Root: peri <G. "around"

Definition: 1. Pertaining to the boundary of an area. 2. Of minor importance.

Sentence: In times of bodily emergency, the peripheral nervous system is the first sensory area to be shut down due to its lack of importance in maintaining homeostasis of vital organs.

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Part of speech: noun

Root: tithenai <G. "to put"

Definition: 1. An exact opposite; a complete contrast. 2. A rhetorical form juxtaposing ideas, often in parallel structure.

Sentence: Life is often considered to be the antithesis of death, and the two are often used as contrasting symbols in literature.

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