The Stallion Monthly

November Edition

It's That Time of Year!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, many of the activities and lessons we will do will not only expand the students' learning about the meaning of Thanksgiving, but also provide activities to celebrate such a great holiday.

Books of the Month--Thanksgiving!

A select few of the many books available in my classroom. As always, if your child wishes for a particular book (Thanksgiving or otherwise), feel free to contact me if I have that book available in my classroom. If I don't have it, I'll do my best to obtain it. If you have books that you would like to donate to the classroom, you are welcome to do so.

Language Arts

Students have been expressing their creative minds by writing short stories based on topics we have discussed, pictures I show on the board, books that have been read, and so forth. In the celebration of this month of November, the writing assignments will have Thanksgiving and fall-related themes. These writings will be featured in the annual Thanksgiving Palooza (details near the bottom of the newsletter).

Here is a compilation of some of the students' writings thus far:

What Are We Summing Up in Math?

Students are using their counting, addition/subtraction, and categorizing skills to solve word problems through activities on the computer, worksheets, and hands-on activities.

The World of Science

We are continuing our travels from habitat to habitat. We go from the desert, the dry land, to the rainforest, the wet land. We will learn through books, mini science experiments, creative assignments, and more.

Here is what we will be learning:

There is one game called Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest. I highly recommend it for kids to learn about the rainforest. The game is pretty old, but it is very fun and very educational. I played it as a kid, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

*As a reminder, learning about the various habitats will prepare the students for a big and fun group project next semester. Details to come after the winter holiday.


In honor of this Thanksgiving month, we will study the history behind Thanksgiving and how it came to be. Currently, the students are working on a project on what Thanksgiving means to them. They will be due on the Friday before the Thanksgiving holiday. These presentations will take part in the annual Thanksgiving Palooza (details below).

*To the left is the George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation.
*Below is a brief video of the history of Thanksgiving. It will show some events that I plan to teach more in depth in class.

GBTV: History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Palooza!

Friday, Nov. 22nd, 9am-3pm

Stuchbery Elementary School, Hughes Road, Houston, TX

9-11--Make Thanksgiving hats, hand turkeys, and more (Parents will start arriving at around 10)
11-12--Lunch Time!
12-1--Gallery viewing (observing and appreciating the students' Thanksgiving projects and papers), break time
1-3--Fun and Games!
3:00--Go home and enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!

Here is a compilation of past Thanksgiving Paloozas in previous years:

Useful Websites For Fun and Learning at Home

Here are some helpful websites for kids to learn at home while also having fun. This way, the parents can take part in their child's education right in their own home. If there are any other helpful websites or if you have any helpful websites you want to share, contact me and I'll update the newsletters to come as needed.

Contact Information

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I can be reached best through email since I check it many times throughout the day. But if it is not possible for you to reach me through email, you may use my phone number and I'll try to answer or receive your message and reply as soon as possible.