Artificial intelligence



This report talks about Artificial intelligence. It is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software, and the branch of computer science that develops machines and software with human-like intelligence. I have chosen this topic because it is currently talking much that robots will replace us, and I want to talk about the good and bad effects it has on around us.


Everybody knows that Artificial Intelligence can help us too much and there are a lot of advantage to have them:

  • In the workplace it reduces costs and additional wages.
  • They have developed applications that perform tasks that man could never could have done because of its complexity.
  • It can predict long-term situations.
  • It reduces time-consuming to perform some activity.
  • Find out great discoveries and advances.


However, there are some disadvantatges to Artificial intelligence:

  • Being software requires constant updates.
  • Performing these expert systems requires much time and money.
  • Create machines that are self-sufficient and can be moving the human race.
  • The excessive use of them could lead to the domination of machines over man.


Here there is a link for watch a video explaining about artificial intelligence and learn more interesting things about it.


To sum up, I think that Artificial Intelligence can help us a lot for discover new things but like everything, has bad things, like they replaced us because they make things faster and not have to pay anyone to do them.