GRAYHAWK 2020 - 21


Dear Grayhawk Families,

As you know, our Governing Board has voted to bring our students back into the building for in-person learning beginning Thursday, October 8th for Preschool through 3rd grade and October 12th for 4th through 6th grade. This comes with great excitement along with some trepidation. We are working diligently to provide a safe and healthy back to school environment for students and staff. My main goal is for all to feel comfortable in the school setting. While this will look much different than it has in the past, our students will be able to get back to brick and mortar learning and be able to socialize safely with others.

Please note, there will be many changes for our community for what I hope to be a very short period of time. Students and staff will be the only people back in the hallways and classrooms. Planning of field trips have been put on hold until we get a directive from the district that we may move forward. Parent/Teacher conferences will be in a virtual format this Fall. I am optimistic that these changes will be temporary and we will be back to business as usual very soon.

Below you will find information and procedures for back to school learning. There is a lot of information in this letter, but I want you to get a good picture of what your child’s day will look like. There will be more information to come. I just want you to have an idea of what I have been working on with our school and district leadership team.


Michelle Pavlik, Principal

Morning Arrival


  • Morning drop off will begin at 8:40AM and ALL gates will be open at that time.

  • Students will go directly into their grade level door straight to their classrooms.

  • When dropping off your student(s), use the back bus lane (opposite of how we normally do this).

  • Because there is no morning recess, we are utilizing the back of the building to make it easier for students to go directly to their grade level door and classroom. Enter from 76th St. and exit onto Grayhawk Dr.

  • All families are encouraged to use this procedure. There will be staff in the bus lane to assist students with getting out of their car and making sure they know where to go for class.

  • Kindergarten Parents:

    • If you would like to park and walk your child to their kindergarten door, please use the side parking lot and walk across the front of the building. Remember to practice safe social distancing and wear a mask when walking your child to the door.

  • Pre-K Parents:

    • You may park in the front bus lane at 9:00AM and walk your child to the kindergarten door. Remember to practice safe social distancing and wear a mask when walking your child to the door.

  • Bus riders will be taken to the cafeteria upon arrival and will be escorted to the classroom at 8:40AM.

  • Gates will close promptly at 9:00AM and attendance will be taken at that time.

  • The academic day begins at 9:00AM.

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Afternoon Dismissal

  • Dismissal will begin at 3:05 PM.

  • Walkers will be dismissed beginning at 3:05 PM. Students will be exiting doors they came into in the morning and walk home from there.

  • At 3:10 car pick-up students will be dismissed to go to the back of the building to wait. They will have a spot to stand on while they wait. Students waiting for parent pick-up will need to “find a spot” to stand on (distancing spots will be placed in pick-up area)

  • Students with siblings should determine a meeting spot to go home together.

  • Staggered dismissals times:

  • 3:00-Kindergarten: Stage students in classrooms, halls, or any area that allows for proper distancing based on parent pick-up, sibling pick-up.

  • 3:05- Walkers (Disperse to outside doors)

  • 3:10- Car Pick-Up Students (back bus lane)

  • 3:15- Bus riders (front bus lane)

What It Looks Like Inside Your Child's Classroom

  • Assigned seats will be required to ensure students are limiting their interactions with others as well as help with contact tracing.

  • Masks for all students, staff, and visitors. (See below for additional information regarding mask protocols)

  • Maximize distance between students (6 feet apart when possible)

  • Eliminate sharing of materials, supplies, textbooks, and technology as much as possible. Parents please supply your student(s) with the necessary daily supplies (crayons, pencils, notebooks, scissors, glue sticks, markers, rulers, etc.)

  • Eating in the classrooms will be prohibited, unless it is a designated snack time, but snack time can take place outside as well if the teacher chooses.

  • Backpacks, lunchboxes, jackets need to stay at the students’ desks, no shared bins for lunches.

  • Carpet/rug time will be prohibited due to the inability to adequately sanitize or socially distance.

  • Students and staff will wash/sanitize hands when entering a room.

  • If manipulatives are utilized as part of a station, ensure they are sanitized between use

  • Volunteers will not be allowed in the classrooms.

  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing, especially prior to transitioning away from desks or to another area of campus.

  • If a classroom only has tables, students should be seated facing the same direction or as far apart as possible limiting the number of students at each table.

  • Use of disposable Health Office Passes only. (No bathroom passes. Sign in and Sign out sheet only)

  • Please bring your own water bottle.

  • When pulling small groups, attempt to maintain distance as much as possible.

    • Teachers and students can wear face shields in addition to a cloth mask.

  • Students will stay within their classroom cohort as much as possible.

  • Sanitize areas used for pull-out services between use. (Resource, Honors, Speech, Reading, etc.)

  • Students pulled-out for reading intervention, special education services, or any other reason will be distanced from others as much as possible.

Special Area Classes

  • Students will travel to specials as a class

  • Special entrance and exit routes have been established to reduce the amount of time students are waiting in the same area. Music and Art have an entrance door and an exit door.

  • Limit the use of shared resources. When not possible, shared resources will be cleaned/sanitized between classes.

  • Surface areas will be cleaned and sanitized between each class. Time has been built into the day to allow for this.

  • Band and strings: students will not share mouthpieces and instruments will be wiped down between classes. Discourage the sharing of instruments.

  • Vocal Music: Students seated following social distancing to the greatest extent possible, all facing the same direction.

  • Students will bring their own basic materials to Art. (Ms. Cruz will communicate which materials need to be brought.)

  • During High Heat days, or rainy days, PE will be held in the PE Room.

Lunch/Recess Procedures

  • Students will go to lunch first and recess after lunch.

  • Hand washing will take place in the classroom before walking to the cafeteria.

  • Students will be entering the cafeteria from an outside door.

  • Each homeroom class will sit together in assigned rows and seats; tables will be labeled to facilitate assigned seating.

  • Custodian will disinfect/clean between each grade level.

  • There are only two students per bench.

  • Students will have 20 minutes to eat before being dismissed to go outside to play.

  • There is only one grade level at a time seated in the cafeteria to eat.

  • All tables will face the same direction.

  • Because we have a staggered schedule the next grade level will come in to purchase their lunch and exit out to the back covered patio to eat lunch outside. Classes will be flip flopped weekly so that all students have an opportunity to eat outside every other week.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are available for student use on the way outside to recess.

  • No visitors will be allowed during lunch/recess.

  • Masks will be worn by students during recess.

  • Students are not allowed to bring equipment from home to use at school.

  • Students will wash/sanitize hands before and after recess.

  • No health office passes during recess -person on duty will radio the health office that a student is coming to the health office. Student confidentiality will be maintained when on the radio.

  • Playground structure will be wiped down after each grade level or as often as possible.

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Hallway Transitions

  • Directional markers are placed in the hallways.

  • Teachers will educate students on the importance of following directional arrows and lines in the halls, as well as keeping distance between students while in line.

  • Teachers will emphasize the need for students to keep their hands to themselves, and to not touch nearby surfaces while passing by (walls, desks, etc.)

  • Staggered dismissal times for lunch, specials, gifted/resource and extra recess to reduce the number of students in the hallways. Grade levels will be using assigned outside exit doors to limit hallway usage for lunch and recess. Pull-out classes will use the inside hallways to get to their respective classrooms.

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  • Classrooms will only send one student at a time to the restroom.

  • Bathroom passes are eliminated; use of a sign-out sheet is appropriate.

  • Students will be asked to wash their hands upon their return to class to assure hand washing takes place at bathroom breaks.


  • Cloth masks will be required at all times while on campus (per district mandate). A face shield is optional, but would be in addition to the cloth mask. There will be mask breaks outside throughout the day, but masks will be worn inside at all times, unless in the cafeteria eating.

  • Student Dress Code Addendum - Cloth Face Mask (attached below)