Puerto Rico

By: Lily Hume

Background Information

Capital: San Juan

Major Cities: Guayanilla, Guayama, Ponce, Arecibo, etc.

Flag: There flag got the colors from the United States and there design from Cuba.

Blue: Sky and coastal waters

Red: blood of warrior soldiers

White: Liberty, victory, and peace

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Puerto Rico is controlled by the United States.

The official language: Spanish and English

Geographical Information

Puerto Rico is in Northeastern Carribean.

Physical features: Mountain La Cordillera Central, El Yunque Peak Rainforest, The Río Camuy Cave, etc.

Political Information

Type of government: Democracy, Republic

Leader: Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla

Economic Information

Currency: US Dollars

Economic system: Capatilism

Tourist Information

Why visit here?: If you like rich history and a warm atmosphere, then pack your bags and come to Puerto Rico!

What to do here

Go to Crash Boat Beach: A popular surfing and sporting beach

Arroyo Train: This train passes through an old sugar cane plantation!

Interesting facts:

1. There are 5 Miss Universe winners from Puerto Rico

2. There is a 120-foot waterfall with crystal clear water

3. 70-80 degrees all year round