PCHC Spotlight

December 2014

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Reminders, News and Events:


  • 11 – PCHC holiday program at 4:00 pm - Parents are invited to attend.
  • 12 - Parent's Night Out - 6:30 - 9:30 pm
  • 22- Chick Fil A Fundraiser - 5:30 - 8:00 pm
  • 24 - PCHC closes at 3 pm
  • 25 and 26 - PCHC Closed for Holiday
  • 31 - PCHC closes at 3 pm
  • January 1, 2015 - PCHC Closed for Holiday - Happy New Year!

New Teachers:

We would like to welcome Ms. Ashley E. to the Toddler Room. Ms. Ashley will work with Ms. Bertanny and Ms. Cheryl in the Toddler Room. We would also like to welcome Ms. Emily to the preschool classroom. Ms. Emily comes to PCHC from the Wee School in Severna Park. She will work with Ms. Crystal and Ms. Tiffanie part- time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ms. Liz has moved from the Toddler Room to our preschool program to work with Ms. Alicia. We are excited that we have new teachers that have joined our talented teaching team!

Chick Fil A Fundraiser

PCHC will be holding a fundraiser at Chick Fil A in Pasadena on December 22 from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm. Watch for details in your child's cubby. Participation is easy - just visit Chick Fil A on December 22 between the times listed above and show a flyer indicating you are participating in the PCHC fundraiser. Flyers will be placed in each child's cubby. If you need extras please visit the office. We are encouraging all of our families to come out and support us at Chick Fil A.

Parent's Night Out - December 12

Our parent's night out for December is on December 12 from 6:30 pm- 9:30 pm. Enjoy a night out or holiday shopping while PCHC staff members take care of your children. Pizza will be served for dinner. Please note that all money collected for Parent's Night Out goes directly to our teachers. Thanks to all of those that are participating!

Happy Birthday! - December Birthdays

2 - Cole S.

30 - Luke W.

19 - Ethan V.

Classroom Updates

Infants Classrooms A and B

A - Winter has arrived and the infant room is ready for the new season and the holidays. Our theme for December is “Winter”. Some of the activities that will align with our theme include dressing for winter, cotton ball snowman, reindeer kisses, and stack the presents. Our core sounds will be “Ba” and “La” and our sign language word for the month will be “Up”.

We would like to welcome our new friend Addison to the infant room and we would like to congratulate Ryan on moving up to side B! We would also like to wish our wonderful teacher Mrs. Dar a very happy birthday on December 5th!

B - “Let It Snow”, with the new month of December! We are happy to welcome our new friend Ryan to infant side B. This month we are excited to learn all about winter. With this new season approaching, it’s great to learn about snow, winter, and the holidays.

In the month of December we will be learning two new signs - “sleepy” and “hungry”. We will also practice saying and recognizing “ball” and “diaper”. We are happy and excited to enjoy this holiday season with our incredible infants on side B.

Mrs. Dar & Ms. Janette – Infant A

Ms. Shanell and Ms. Kaitlynn – Infant B


We are excited to welcome the month of December! This month's theme is geared toward the holiday season. We will be reading books relating to the holidays. We will also be moving to Jingle Bells and Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Our color of the month is red. We will be coloring, painting and exploring all things that are red. We will also talk about things that are cold, hard and soft. Happy Holidays!

Ms. Bertanny, Ms. Ashley E. and Ms. Cheryl


We are welcoming December - and we are so excited! We will explore our new season and winter animals. We will also explore the different holidays that are celebrated around the world. We will focus on the number 3 this month and our letters are W and H. Our shape for December is the star and our class color is white. We are also working on developing friendships with our classmates and learning a Gingerbread Man nursery rhyme.

Happy Holidays!

Ms. Mellissa and Ms. Jennie


For the month of December we will be concluding our unit on trees. For the remaining three weeks will be covering topics on who takes care of trees, how trees can change, and what we can do with the parts of a tree. As a large group activity we will bake an apple pie to represent the foods that grow on trees. During our small group activity time, we will plant seeds and track their growth.

We want to keep the children moving during the cold winter months and plan to introduce six minutes of exercise every day. This will keep us active when we can't venture outside due to the cold weather.

We will finish the month of December by jumping right into a winter wonderland where we will explore the topic of what we know and want to find out about clothes. For this unit/area of study we will be using our housekeeping center as an area of interest to further explore the topic of clothes as well as dressing appropriately for winter weather. Some books of interest for this unit are Growing Trees, A Grand Old Tree, Trees Trees Trees, When the Monkeys Come Back, Pablo’s Trees, and A Tree Is For.

Happy Holidays!

Ms. Crystal, Ms. Tiffanie, and Ms. Emily


Welcome to what I'm sure is the busiest time of year for all of our parents. The children will be quite busy as well this month. We have a lot of holiday activities planned from arts and crafts to science experiments. We hope to keep those young minds engaged while the days grow shorter.

We will also continue to discuss clothing as our area of study. We would like to add some opportunities to focus on fine motor skills in home living Center. We would love items with zippers, snaps and buttons to donate to our classroom. Also we are in need of clear plastics with the recycle #6 on them for a fun science experiment. Usually this type of plastic is found on items like baked goods from the grocery store.

During Table Time this month we will be practicing fine motor skills as well with scissors and printing letters. We have also been hard at work practicing our song for the holiday program on Thursday December 11th at 4pm. We hope to see you there!

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to share them. I hope to be as helpful as possible during this busy time of year.

Ms. Alicia, Ms. Liz and Ms. Alanna