All About 3rd Grade

Look Ahead Night 2018

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What's 3rd Grade All About?

In 3rd grade, my goal is to build a classroom community where students are active participants. I will encourage independence and self-discovery while remaining a constant source of support and encouragement for my students. We will work together to explore new ideas using technology and collaboration.

What to look forward to...

  • Cursive License!
  • STEMScopes
  • First In Math
  • Technology - iPads, Innovation Room, Collaboration
  • Community Service
  • Project Based Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Customization
  • Writing Workshop
  • Recorder Lessons in music
  • Homework
  • Think Kind

Field Trips

  • Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
  • Office of the Mayor of West Chester
  • Chester County Historical Society - Walking Tour
  • Bringing Hope Home
  • The Franklin
  • Elmwood Park Zoo
  • Spanish Restaurant
  • Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Orchestra
  • Philadephia Museum of Art

A Day in the life of a 3rd Grader

8:30-8:45 Morning Work

8:45-9:00 PRIDE Time
9:00-9:10 Morning Meeting

9:10-9:30 Vocabulary/Grammar Practice

9:30-11:00 Guided Reading

11:00-12:00 Math

12:00-1:05 Recess & Lunch

1:05-1:15 Independent Reading/Cursive

1:15-1:45 Specials

1:45-2:15 Writing

2:15-3:30 Science/SS/STEM

3:30-3:45 Afternoon Meeting & Pack-Up

What will we learn?

Language Arts
  • Writing Workshop
  • Guided Reading Groups
  • Phonics & Word Study
  • Vocabulary
  • Poetry Unit - Poetry Cafe
  • The Cardboard Box Project


  • Place Value
  • Multiplication (yay!)
  • Division
  • Geometry (polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals)
  • Fractions (equivalent, comparing)
  • Measurement (capacity, mass, time to the minute)
  • Area & Perimeter


  • Inheritance and Variation of Traits
  • Life Cycles
  • Animal Adaptations
  • Fossils
  • Electric and Magnetic Forces

Social Studies

  • Communities
  • Economics
  • Early Explorers


  • Parade of Pumpkins
  • Explorers Project
  • Multiplication Games with Art

The Cardboard Box Project

3rd and 5th grade collaborated on a S.T.E.A.M project inspired by the story What To Do With a Box. They were tasked with using their imagination, along with engineering and art skills to create something functional out of a cardboard box. Students kept close, detailed notes about how to bring their idea to life. Each step was included in a Keynote presentation complete with pictures, videos and interactive links. Students presented their projects, their notes and their Keynotes to parents in a Cardboard Box Museum.

Parade of Pumpkins!

  • Every October
  • Students make flyers, learn about & advertise the organization we are fundraising for, sell pumpkins, set up and run the event
  • All students are expected to attend the event
  • Pumpkin sales run by student volunteers
  • Philanthropy lessons in conjunction with the event

Homework - NONE!

  • Assignment book
  • Primarily Math Fluency, Reading Comprehension as needed
  • Monthly Book Reports - Start in October

Book Reports

Positive Behavior

DOJO Points

  • Earned for demonstrating excellent character, sportsmanship, behavior, academic diligence
  • Awarded daily, immediate
  • Rewards for points accumulated include Reading Camp-Out, Movie, PJ Day, Toys from home, Etc...

Paw Prints

  • Character Counts

Think Kind

  • Monthly Challenges
  • Random acts of School & Classroom Kindness

From our Specialty teachers


Students will learn to play the ukulele, go on a field trip to the orchestra, and complete a composer research project - PBL


Students will focus on responsible digital citizenship and maintain a class technology blog and other social media accounts.


Students will develop a Spanish vocabulary of more complex words and phrases. Enhance students’ communication skills through oral language, reading, and written exchanges.


Students will use manipulative skills in movement combinations such as dodging and moving in different pathways.


Students will visit downtown West Chester for an interdisciplinary History and Art project.

New next year...

Wonder Workshops

Students in third grade will continue to participate in Wonder Workshops, however, each

will have a new focus.

  • Maker Design Challenge - Problem solving, critical thinking!
  • Ninja Warriors - More challenging obstacles (the squeaky chicken stays!)
  • Ceramics - More intricate fine arts
  • Digital Story Telling

Girls on the Run

Over the course of ten weeks, 3rd-5th grade girls and their coaches will focus on team building and confidence boosting lessons. They add in stretches and small scale running intervals to prep for the end 5k.

Parent Resources

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