By:Blake Harwell

Uses of biotechnology.

DNA is used because it is genetic material, and is what controls the cells functions. When someone commits a crime they will use fingerprints and DNA is used to find the criminal. The technology can make medicines and has helped make insulin by joining its genes with a plasmid vector inserted into the bacterium. This research has made making genetically modified crops easier, they make plants that don't grow much in nature. Used in many clean up process's, bacterium is modified so that it can digest radioactive nuclear waste. Some negative reasons for this could mean harming species, and the creation of toxic chemicals.



There are all sorts of roles that biotechnology plays in medicine. It can go from helping with asthma to treating cancer. They are able to conduct many different experiments and can make all sorts of medicine to see why and how people react to them.
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North Carolina Biotechnology Center

North Carolina has a great biotechnology program and is one of the highest ranking centers in the country. They also have on average $59 billion a year on economic activity.`
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