Finance Project Scenario One

Mrs. Colwell Hour 6

Part I


Approximate Monthly Payment=$1,125 per month, after taxes you can afford to pay for a house that is about $215,000 which would allow for a monthly payment to be around $1,125 a month.

Approximate Borrowing Amount=$160,000, you take the interest rate multiplied by the 30 year fixed rate mortgage multiplied by the amount you can pay per month.

Interest rate=4.734%, the interest rate is around 4.75% and to find an exact one you find a bank's website that can give you the interest rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage.

Approximate Minimum Monthly Payment= $1,000, you take the borrowing amount divided by 30 years then divided by the interest rate.

Approximate Increased Minimum Monthly Payment= $1,300, saves almost $34,000 when increasing the monthly payment by 15%.

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