Disney Theme Parks

By Sierra Latshaw

Diffusion of Disney Theme Parks

Opening Year Location Name
1955 California- Disneyland
1971 Florida- Walt Disney World
1982 Florida- Epcot
1983 Japan- Tokyo Disneyland
1989 Florida- MGM Studios Disney Florida- Typhoon Lagoon
1992 France- Euro Disney (renamed Disneyland Paris)
1995 Florida- Blizzard Beach water park
1998 Florida- Disney Animal Kingdom
2001 California- Disney Adventure California
2002 France- Walt Disney Studios Park
2005 China- Hong Kong Disneyland

Future Plans
2016 China- Expected opening date for Shanghai Disneyland
Possible opening of a Disney park in Israel
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Disney has influenced the culture of numerous settlements.
Many children have grown up with Disney movies, and the parks are now spreading the same ideas and topics.
Disney Parks have become a transnational cooperation due to globalization

Disney has created a sense of placelessnes around the world. It also creates nodal regions in the towns they occupy.

Some Industries Involved: Agriculture, Steel, Technology, Food, Services, Alchohol, and Foresting

Other Facts

  • High Range and Threshold
  • Vacation pull factor
  • Annual trip to a Disney park

Situation and Site of Walt Disney World in Florida

  • Urban Florida area.
  • There are many other theme parks in same area
  • Near the beach
  • Near many transportation areas
  • Near many universities
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