Battle of the Bulge

One of the Bloodiest battles ever

Dates of Battle

-Lasted from December 16,1944 to January 25,1945

Nations which fought in this Battle

-For the Allies there was the United States and France
-For the Axis powers it was just Germany

Where the Battle was fought

-This battle was fought around a 50 mile stretch along Belgium

Why this Battle was signifigant

-It was the end of the war.
-The U.S shut down a last ditch effort by the Germans to put an end to the war with the Germans.

Casualty numbers from both sides

-The Americans and British lost up to 90,000 lives while the Germans had up to 90,000 lives lost just as well

Who won the Battle

-The Allies won the battle shutting down a last ditch effort by the Germans

Three interesting facts about this particular Battle

-Some Generals that fought in this battle where Dwight D. Eisenhower and Omar Bradley
-The Allies were surprised by the attack and they had little intelligence that the attack would take place
-This battle was the largest battle that was fought by the Americans with over 600,000 troops