Disappearing Elements

By: Jessica Yang


The Uses:

  • Used in lightweight items, such as lugagges,etc.
  • Used in plants
  • Used in fireworks, flares

What would life be like without Magnesium?

We wouldn't be standing (or sitting) here without Magnesium. Chlorophyll is what makes a plant be able to do photosynthesis, and Chlorophyll is magnesium-centered. Without being able to do photosynthesis, then the plants can't make food. If they cant make food, then they can't give us the oxygen we need to be standing here. Plus, there would be no fireworks for the Fourth of July (sure, that's not the big of a deal but it's nice to fireworks). Also, no lightweight items. Our cameras would be SUPER heavy, and the luggages would be so heavy, the airplanes couldn't fit as much people because the luggages are too heavy so there couldn't be a lot of people.

Here are some pics:

Now for Europium


First, the uses:

  • Used in Euros
  • Used in light bulbs
  • Used in Europium-doped-plastic

Europium, What would life be without you?

Well, life wouldn't really be all that different. First of all, I think it might cause more forgeries of euros. Why? Europium is used in euros because it makes it glow red under a UV light, so they can tell whether it is forged or not. Also, our light bulbs would either be really red, or really blue. Though that doesn't really matter.


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