36 hours

in Cairo,Egypt

Something for you to know....

Cairo is Egypt’s capital and Largest city. With the population is 16 million people it's the largest city in middle east and Africa. One of the city’s most important centers of religion, cultural, and population. Cairo is also called Umm al-Dunya (mother of world). It's the center of all routes leading to Asia,Africa, and Europe. Lets take a walk around Cairo.

The City

The city is full of beautiful domes and churches. The streets everywhere you look are always filled with all kinds of traffic. Sometimes you even find people kneeling down to the ground with there foreheads touching the ground in prayer to God.

Places to go in Cairo

  1. Manyal Palace Museum
  2. Unknown Soldier Memorial
  3. Happy Horsey Holiday
  4. The Zoo
  5. Al-Azhar Park
  6. Gabalaya Park and Aquarium
  7. Sayyed Zeinab Cultural Park
  8. Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan
  9. Zamalek (Gezira Island)
  10. Nilometer