Zitzman 411

Week of 4/1

What's Happening This Week

Monday: ZE Soccer Intruamurals 7:30am. Shared Leadership Action Team 7:45am. Professional Learning Action Team 3:45pm. K-2 Writer's Workship with Savin/Erickson 4:00pm.

Tuesday: ZE Soccer Intruamurals 7:30am. PLC's in Mrs. Karl's room for LIM Coaching with Jill S. Team Savage Running Club 3:30pm. LAST Good News Club 3:40pm. Family Learning Action Team 4:00pm. PTO Meeting 6:00pm.

Wednesday: Early Dismissal 1:10pm. ZE Soccer Intruamurals 7:30am.

Thursday: ZE Soccer Intruamurals 7:30am. Admin. Coucnil 9:15am. Spirit Squad Practice 3:45pm. STL Home Opener.

Friday: Team Savage Running Club 7:45am. Grade 5 Band Presentation 9:30am.

Big picture

LIM: 3 R's to Remember.

  1. Refine. Take a few moments to review and rehearse greetings, update Leadership Notebooks, and tidy up the physical environment. Take a moment and have a class meeting with students

  2. Reflect. Being a Leader in Me School is a huge accomplishment within itself. It’s a time to think about the ways your school has changed since you started the process or even just the awesome things your own class has done this year. If you have photos or artifacts of students modeling the 7 habits or classroom work around the 7 habits. Share and shout from the rooftops all you are doing!

  3. Relax (and have fun!). We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy living with the 7 habits! How awesome is it to showcase the areas of leadership, culture, and academics. Celebrate the ways you, your students, and their families have grown as leaders.

Time Check

Please monitor the time closely to ensure our school schedule is being followed. We need all team members to be on time for lunch, duty, elective classes, recess, and such. If you are early to an elective class, please stay with your class. Be sure to pick your students up on time to avoid backups. Your assistance is appreciated!

Leader in Me Coaching with Jill Scheulen

Our weekly PLC session will be directed by LIM Coach Jill. We will meet in room 29 with snacks and drinks provided. Please bring your charged Chromebooks and your students WIG trackers. Special Education Teachers are encouraged to join another grade level's PLC time. Aides and paras are welcome to pop into one of the grade level sessions as well. This will be a great learning time for all of us.

**Mrs. Karl's students will report to room 26 for their class time on Wednesday. Thank you Mrs. Imo and para's for your flexibility.

Title I News from Mrs. Savin & Ms. Erickson

Join me at the April 2nd PTO Meeting to give your input about Title I Programs and next year's Title I and school-wide goals that will support Zitzman's Building Improvement Plan.

Inspired by Ms. Thate's Technology Friday, students who are scheduled to read with me 5 days a week, will be given an opportunity to choose a book on Razkids.com for our final Fridays. This link will take you to a list of titles as well as reading and grammar skills that could be addressed during small, guided reading groups.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16vu5f86JzL3ZqbbVayfZV_lIUSNUVRSE9E6O9CPuqpQ/edit#gid=534354414 If you or your students have any particular titles that you recommend, please email Mrs. Brunjes, gbrunjes@mvr3.k12.mo.us or me, bsavin@mvr3,k12.mo.us. We plan to print and bag 6 copies of as many titles as possible for a shared library while creating a master binder.

This Saturday, April 6, at Forest Park twelve of our students from the Go STL! ZE Read, Right, and Run Club will run their 26th mile this season. See me for details if you would like to cheer us on. Once you're down there, you could spend the day visiting the Zoo, History Museum, Science Center...


Cardinal Nation

We are going to celebrate our STL Cardinals by allowing you to wear a Cardinals shirt/jersey Monday through Thursday. We will reserve Friday for our Indian PURPLE Pride day. Below are the guidelines:

1. Must be a Cardinals shirt/jersey – No hats.

2. Jeans can be worn only if a Cardinals shirt is worn.

3. Friday is Purple Pride Day

STL Cardinal Opening Day treats will be served in the lounge. Hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn along with all of the other ballpark goodies will be available in the lounge.