Greek Performance Info

Dec. 8th from 9:00-9:45 in Mrs. Corley's room

Before Day of Event:

- look over the ideas and tips for costumes below, your child's part is listed to help you

- gather costume items and bag up for your child to bring on or before Friday

- have your child get their scripts from the REACH folder and review at home

On the Day of the Event:

- Wear regular clothes, try to do a shirt that doesn't have a lot of logo on it, plain is best and light color is best if at all possible (don't feel the need to buy something though).

- Bring costume (ideas below) in a bag, with the shoes you are wearing too.

- As always, report to homeroom, then come to REACH with costume. Performance will start at we will need the student ready to change once they come to us. We will help him / her get the sheet (toga) attached and pinned. I do have safety pins!

- If you can come, sign up below. Then sit, enjoy, and take pics of your awesome babies!!

Greek Costume Ideas and Tips - cheap and easy!!

Feel free to come up with your own ideas - but here are some I have found online!! Google and Youtube are great helps!

Character List

Gods / Goddesses

Khalynn - Persephone

Adam - Hades

Adrienne - Demeter

Skyler - Apollo

Matthew - Ares

Esha - Hera

Oliver - Poseidon

Brody - Zeus

Heroes / Warriors

Jace - Hercules


Ashtan - Daedalus

Arya - Atalanta

Other Characters:

Birdie - Echo

Bethany - Chorus

Costume Ideas

god / goddess

Costume - Twin flat sheet - Anna's Linens ($4.50), Wal-Mart ($5.00), or one from home

Solid, lighter colors work best. For gods, white is usually best.

Crown of leaves - see below! Super easy buy from Dollar Store.

Sash / Belt - pieces of colored / striped cloth or rope tied as belts. I found some cheap bed skirts at Goodwill, take the colored fabric that drapes and cut it off to use as a sash. Gold cording / rope also looks great for belts or wrapped around as a crown / headband.

Hair - Girls might want to have their hair in braids or long with curls. You could also have gold cord braided in or made for a crown.

Shoes - sandals, basic for girls is fine too. I would suggest bringing them and wearing tennis shoes so the kids won't be cold. :-)

Accessories - girls and boys can have gold armbands

DIY Laurel Wreath Headband
DIY Greek Goddess Costume l Hair Accessories & No Sew Toga

Mortals - girls and boys

Costume - Twin flat sheet - Anna's Linens ($4.50), Wal-Mart ($5.00), or one from home

Solid and dull colors - like browns, grays, tans.

Hair - Girls could have hair pulled back, but it would not be fancy.

Shoes - solid, dull sandals - browns, blacks. Recommend bringing them and actually wearing tennis shoes because of weather.

Theme? Does your child have a specific mortal title? Like king, queen, or knight? If so, they should dress to reflect it.

How to Tie a Toga - boys

Warriors - optional accessories

Big image

Chorus - girls and boys (these are our narrators)

Costume - Similar to mortals.

Very simple, solid colors. Do not need to be dull colors, but they should not be confused for gods / goddesses. Basic clothing / or twin sheets can be used. If going with basic clothing, aim for no pictures or logos. Girls - solid dress and boys - solid shirts and pants. Again, sheets are still fine!!

No crowns or fancy accessories.

Please let me know if you need ideas or help finding anything!