1. Getting to know new people and making friends before college and getting better at my carrier pathway.

2. Studying and working on cars or spray painting cars and joining the marines.

3. Working on cars and having my own business shop and having a great life and discovering new places that I wanna go discover.

4. Working out more, eating more healthy foods that its good your body, doing to the doctor or dentist if I'm doing fine.

5. I like to nap if i come tired after school or work out if i need to. Sometimes I like to eat sweet thing if I'm craving some. I like to talk to my parents or siblings and listen to music and love to go outside and play basketball.

6. I like to be social or sometimes I don't like to talk for a while if i don't know no one . I like to learn new things and making new friends.

7. I like to hang out with people that are social and have a great sense of humor and people that make be laugh.

8. I am good at playing basketball when its a good weather to play basketball. I'm good at almost every sport. I'm good at video games.

9. A quality about myself i like is that i like to push myself to the limit and to never quit early and something i would like to change