The Kolb Theory

stages of the kolb theory

Kolb theory stages

These are the stages that I found on the cycle of the Kolb theory,this helped me understand the order in which he believes different peoples learning experience's.

Main stages of the Kolb theory

1.Concrete experience - Diverging

2. Reflective Observation- assimilating

3.Abstract conceptualization-converging

4.Active experimentation-accomodating

presentation review

1.(Diverging) I feel as if my presentation based on equality and diversity in a health and social care environment. enlightened me about certain areas that I need to work on when presenting in-front of an audience professionally.

2.(Assimilating)I believe my information that was presented was good but I was unable to display this properly due to certain skills I lacked.

3.(Converging) due to the feedback given I am aware that I need to make sure all my devices are turned off. Make my notes less descriptive so it's easier for me to follow where I am in the presentation and deliver the information in relation to the slide i'm on.

4.(Accomodating) I have taken in the feedback that was given to me and will make sure i have less notes so it becomes easier for me to follow when reading alongside my presentation.