Pick Up The Parks!

Frog Ambassadors

Luke, Nathan, Novyn, Kate, Moira, Marcy, Zoe, and Brian.

Littering in the Fort Worth Community

First of all our root cause is that younger people are more likely to litter than older people. Over 900,000 pounds of litter was picked up in 2014. Also, in Fort Worth there are not enough litter crews to keep the community clean. People seeing a lot of litter can also influence them to litter more themselves. Over a one year period if every Texas citizen took a little bit of time to pick up two pieces of litter every month, then our highways would be free of litter. By creating Pick Up the Parks we will encourage people of all ages to keep the community clean. With Pick Up the Parks younger people can become involved in there community and pick up trash once a week in the summers.

Take Action

Personal Level:

  • join pick up the parks
  • pick up trash in your local community

For all ages:

  • join local organizations
  • starting environment clubs at school
  • inform others in your community

What we learned

" I learned about internet safety, refugees,homelessness, being a good citizen, and I learned a lot more about how the government works. " - Luke

"I learned that being an advocate means that you stand up for what you think is right." - Kate

"In our community there is a lot of litter we are trying to not litter." - Zoe

" I learned that being a good citizen means to be responsible, connected, and helpful." Moira

"I learned that being a good citizen is to advocate which is to stand up for your self and to be confident in what you believe."-Nathan"

" I learned that being a good citizen is to advocate witch is standing up for your community."-Brian

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