Soccer Is A Very Fun Sport And Active Activity.


  • Soccer Ball
  • Shin guards
  • Soccer Socks
  • Cleats
  • Uniforms
  • A grass soccer field.



  • forward
  • high mid.
  • low mid.
  • center mid
  • left mid.
  • right mid.
  • left defense
  • right defense
  • low center defense
  • high center defense
  • keeper

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Second, there are numbers for each position

1: Keeper

4: Low center defense

5:High center defense

3:Left defense

2:Right defense

6: Low center mid

8: Center defense

10: High mid.

9: Foward

11: left outside mid.

7: Right outside mid.

Third, there are many moves in soccer but i'm going to teach you 5 main moves

  1. Maradona- Tap the ball with your foot and pull it back and turn all in the same motion.
  2. Scissor- Take your right or left foot and move your foot around the ball to the outside of the ball.
  3. Revolino- From your outside foot go around the ball inward.
  4. Pull back- Put your foot on the ball then pull it back and turn your body.
  5. Step over- Take your foot and step over the ball inward to your body and with that same foot push the ball out.

Scissor Example

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Fourth, How to pass the ball

Use whichever foot you want and use the inside of your foot and kick the ball to one of your teammates.

Do Not Use Your Toe!!

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