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chpt. 16, 18, and Epilogue

Research on Living in the Wilderness

Eating squirrels can be dangerous t eat, especially if not cooked properly. Squirrels carry prions (infectious particles) in their bones and brains. The brain of a squirrel should never be eaten. It is best to leave small rodents in cold water for a few hours to let the blood drain out after being killed, but before cooking.

"He butchered the carcass under a thick cloud of fleas and mosquitoes, boiled the organs into a stew..." (Krakauer 166)

This quote explains the nature of Alex's living and cooking conditions in the wild. It sounds like he isn't too worried about how he cooks or preserves his kill. The importance of this quote is to show the difference between how Alex prepared his wild kill and the correct way to prepare wild kill.

News Event

I completely agree with this article. Squirrel is a really good piece of meat. Although it isn't a very common meat to put on a table in America, I thoroughly enjoyed it during my adventure. Squirrels may be a tiny, ground-dwelling, wild rodent, but the flavor sure packs a big punch; and I'm sure the author of this article would agree with me.


Pharrell Williams - Happy (Despicable Me 2 - Lyric Video)
"Overjoyed, the proud hunter took a photograph of himself kneeling over his trophy, rifle thrust triumphantly over-head, his features distorted in a rictus of ecstasy and amazement, like some unemployed janitor who'd gone to Reno and won a million-dollar jackpot." (Krakauer 166)

This quote relates his emotions of killing a giant moose to the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. Wen Alex killed the moose, he was filled with excitement and happiness; just as the song states every other line in the song.

July 30- DANGER

Well. I think I ate something that I shouldn't have. I feel horrible and weak. Almost too weak to even stand up. I'm out here sitting by what looks to be an old abandoned bus, struggling to come to a conclusion of what could be happening. I don't feel well at all. Something is going on. I remember the last thing I ate was a potato seed. Maybe that could be it. Maybe my body just didn't like it and this feeling will pass in an hour or two. I'm sure I'll be fine.


"Kari's book warns that because wild sweet pea is so difficult to distinguish from wild

potato and "is reported to be poisonous, care should be taken to identify them accurately

before attempting to use the wild potato as food." (Krakauer 179)

The quote above mentions a theory proposed by Krakauer that Chris mistakenly ate a wild sweet pea instead of an actual wild potato seed. The quote goes along with the journal entry by bringing up Krakauer's wild sweet pea and McCandless's mistake.

The picture above was taken at the Sushana River bus, where Chris passed away. Along with a bouquet of flowers, Billie also laid a first aid kit and a survival kit underneath Chris's old bed inside the bus. His parents, Walt and Billie McCandless finally visited the death site ten months after he was found,