Para Co-Teach and Data Collection

EMS, September 25, 2015

Walk-throughs will occur at least once a six weeks by Mr. Towns, Polly and/or Ehrikka and when available, a campus administrator. A copy of the form can be accessed by clicking the above title which will take you to the LiveBinder. A copy of the form can also be viewed in the Resource/Inclusion LiveBinder. The components of the form will stay about 95% the same, as the form is being put into Eduphoria, for electronic access. The box that says video instruction, etc., on the form will not be included. The purpose of these Learning Walks are to provide you as a paraprofessional with areas of success and growth and to improve our overall instruction as special educators. These forms will be shared with you immediately through Eduphoria as well as your administrator. These walk-throughs are for improvement of instruction purposes only and will NOT be in any way evaluative. Your first couple of walk-throughs may come in paper form or be scanned in and emailed.

Districtwide IEP Data Collection for Inclusion

Data Collection on IEPs for inclusion teachers and paraprofessionals will now be collected via Google Docs. vs Eduphoria, in the past. All Elgin employees can access Google using their district email. Follow these steps to create an account with Google. You must register your Google Account for security purposes related to the data collection.

1. Choose CTRL ALT DEL

2. Change Password (you can change it right back)

3. Login

4. You can repeat steps 1-3 if you want to change your password back to what it was.

5. Go to www.Google.Com

Big image

6. Sign in

7. Go to the grid at the top right (as shown above)

8. Choose Drive

9. Right click on My Drive to create your own folders, forms, etc

Big image
This form will officially be shared with you via email. Once you receive the email you will choose to open the form in Google. Once you do you will login and then can save the form to your iPad home screen as an icon.
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To do so, click the box with the up arrow in the right corner and then choose "Add to Home Screen" and voila! You can now take data from your iPad. This information will be exported to a spreadsheet and be able to be discussed in PLCs and utilized by the case managers to plan for better instruction, goal writing and state assessment choice for students.

Special Education Department Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 4pm

Administration Training Room