Welcome to Virginia!

We are glad to have you in our school!

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Some of the things that you need to know:

  • There are Daily Races
  • Watch out for bullies!
  • Make sure to make friends with the right people

What's great about our school!

  • All of the kids work together!
  • We welcome all new kids, just like you!
  • Teachers always have your back!

How to survive the 5th grade in this school!

  • Make the right friends
  • Stay away from bullies, even if they like you
  • Be nice, especially as a new student
  • And always try to fly under the radar, don't try to be popular!

How to be popular

  • Try to be active, practice every day like your friend Jess!
  • Try to get involved in school sports once you think your ready!
  • Talk to the popular kids! If they know you're good at sports, they might want to be your friend!

Again, we are happy to have a new member of our school, and the town! We are honored!