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November 2015

What's Happening in Class


This month, students are creating The Cell Project using Explain Everything on their iPads. For this self-directed project, students are researching cells and their organelles and transferring this information to this multi-media presentation.

I want to take this opportunity to say goodbye to the wonderful students and families of Blake Middle School. I have decided to return to biomedical research and have accepted a position with a local clinical research company where I will be working with patients with scleroderma and cystic fibrosis. It is truly bittersweet, but I feel blessed to have had an opportunity to share my passion for science with your children. It is my hope that I have sparked an interest in life science and that this interest will continue. They have been curious and supportive of my decision. I will miss them terribly!


We are continuing to work on our first narrative essay of the year! Students are writing about a person who has influenced them, and many students have elected to write about a family member! We’re focusing on adding specific detail and description to our writing to evoke emotions in our audience. Next week, while editing, we’ll look for places to incorporate sensory details, as well as play with sentence variety. Essays are due on Thursday, November 19th. As we continue to develop our skills as writers, we are also preparing for our upcoming term one vocabulary test, which will take place this Friday, November 20th.


The kids are doing great with the tiering that has been put in place. They are being very thoughtful about the tier which they are choosing and they are getting material at their correct levels. We are still working on the very long unit 2, but we are nearing the end. I suggest they start (if they have not started yet) working on their index cards which will be due before Thanksgiving. After unit 2, we move on to unit 9 which is all about percents. This unit includes many topics from their real lives.


We are studying the ancient Egyptians. This is a fascinating topic of study and is also a continually evolving field--indeed, archaeologists have recently hypothesized that there may be a hidden chamber inside the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings. On Halloween, we had a special lesson about the mummification process and considered the possibility that there may in fact be a curse associated with 'King Tut'. We were also visited by an Egyptologist during this unit who regaled us with her vivid tales of Egyptian mythology. Students also had an opportunity to wear some customary Egyptian garb such as jewelry and headdresses.


Since many of you have the wonderful opportunity to study a variety of World Languages, we will not give an update here, but be sure to check your WL teacher's website and updated homework on the school website's Homework Pages on a daily basis.

What's Happening Around the School?

  • Yearbook Sale is going on until 11/20. There may not be yearbooks available at the end of the year, so be sure to get it now if your child would like one.
  • Please help with the magazine drive. The money raised helps the school in so many ways. Please send in your order as soon as possible!
  • 26 Days of Kindness

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