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Week of October 12, 2015


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School Announcements & Updates

Wildcat 5 Trait Vote

  • Kind, Honest, ???????????????, Cooperate, Persevere
  • Please take a moment to vote on the possible traits to replace "RESPONSIBLE"-all words submitted have been included on the survey. WILDCAT 5 VOTE-2ND ROUND

Math Night

  • Teachers please remind the students in grades 2-5 to turn in their RSVP slips for Millersville Math Night.

Schoology Update:

  • Master Schedule Updated- Grade Level Impacted 5th Grade only

October Monthly Celebration Update

  • The schedule for the assemblies and activity will mirror last month with the exception of the times being pushed back 10-15 minutes for the assemblies to accommodate morning routines and such.
  • With the exception of K5, 1st and 2nd grade who opted for an alternative activity, the activity this month with be: Pumpkin bowling, stacking/balancing apples, Scarecrow Relay and Pumpkin Rolling relay. These activities will be set up outside (weather permitting). Please discuss with your team how you plan on having your grade/class participate in the provided activities--keep in mind that you have an additional staff member for support.
  • To help encourage student participation and motivation, please keep an open mind to participating in the teacher activity at the assembly!

  • During each grade level monthly celebration activity, the following Specialist/Support teacher will be supporting the assigned class:


Stoltzfus: Hart

Massoratti: Mastropietro

Kreckel: Bertoncini


Kopp: Wissler

Yerger: Moyer

Acevedo: Kraft


Melendez: Wissler

Carr: Moyer

Sensinig: Kraft


Tadlock: Mastropietro

Aronson: Bertoncini

Yeager: Hart


Acker: Moyer

Lockner: Mastropietro

Crawford: Bertoncini


Morgan: Hart

Salim: Kraft

Fesenmyer: Wissler

  • For the actual assembly, we plan on following the same routine as last time in regards to students picking prizes and announcing the bucket filler winners. We would also like to incorporate some teacher participation and additional student participation to help boost energy, excitement and all that jazz!
  • Sefcik will send out the finalized schedule on Tuesday. The supports will stay consistent to last month. Remember to bring your DoJo slips and bucket filler coupons with you to the assembly. Please keep in mind that all support teachers (ELL and LS) will not be available for services.

October Early Release Day PD

  • Schoology Course: The ESL team woudl like all teachers to join the Wickersham ESL Resource course on Schoology before our Day 0 PD. The access code is: Q85VH-KRF6R.

Dojo Slips

Please fill out this survey about Class Dojo Pads!

District Updates & Announcements

Elementary Gradebook Follow-Up:

  • Please see email sent on 10/6/2015 with follow-up responses to questions asked from our September gradebook training.
  • Please take time to review the Elementary Grading Guidelines on the Intranet. many questions can be answered by reviewing the document. They can be found under OTL-->Report Cards and Promotion Standards-->Elementary Grading Guidelines-->Elementary Grading Guidelines 2015-16

Gradebook Transfer-In Grades

Documentation was recently published in the Teacher Access Center News section with instructions to access a video demonstrating how teachers can transfer gradebook scores for students that have recently been added to their course. This has been a feature that many teachers have inquired about over the years and we now have the ability to make it happen. Teachers should contact the HelpDesk with any questions.

3rd-5th Constructed Response

  • 3rd-5th grade should plan to administer the constructed response the week of 10/19-10/23
  • Materials will be passed out once they arrive
  • Scoring is planned for November Early Release Day

Prior Year Grades and Report Cards

To ensure that Content360 has the most accurate records for historical purposes, access to change prior year report card grades and print prior year report cards will be removed effective Monday, October 12th. Staff can still access prior year report cards through Content360. If a report card is missing in Content 360, than the HelpDesk should be notified. Staff should also contact the HelpDesk if prior year report card grades need to be changed.

CDTs for SLOs

If teachers are using CDT Data for SLOs, please refer to the suggestions below reviewing to ensure that the groups and goals are appropriate. As an example, it is suggested that individuals review the 4th Grade SLO sample on the intranet. (Student Services/Documents/Data Accountability/Assessments/CDT/Sample SLO for CDT).

  • Only use the overall scale score as a Performance Measure. Not an individual reporting category.
  • Balance the CDT with another Performance Measure. Do not place all of your eggs in the CDT basket.
  • Set two Focus groups.
    • The first would be students whose first CDT score was lower than the top of the previous years’ “red zone.”
    • The second group would be the group of students whose first CDT score was at the top of the previous years’ “green zone.” (2015-16 cut scores are attached.)
  • For each of those groups, you would want to see growth equal to or greater than one standard error above their score from the first administration. You can contact Jen Reinhart for support in determining the calculation or with any questions.


  • Initial feedback will be provided via email regarding SLO drafts submitted. Please review, and edit as necessary. Be prepared to discuss edits and rationales during 1:1 meetings scheduled for the following week. If you are using an assessment that is not available on Performance Tracker, please submit baseline data as it relates to your SLO by October 16, 2015. This can be done using the district SLO Documentation form or through the use of teacher created spreadsheets.

IU 13 Real World STEM Solution Challenge Competition Grades 4-12

Attached you will find information from the IU regarding their annual STEM competition open to teams of students from Grades 4-12. The design brief has been released and is also attached. Two years ago SDoL had several winning teams. Please consider sharing this information with those grade levels eligible for participation (Grades 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12). Registration is open through October 30th, with entries due by January 15th. If planning to register a team, please let Ed Gooch (Elementary)

Sumdog Math Contest

Sumdog’s first Lancaster-Lebanon Math Contest starts Friday, October 16th, and will run until the following Thursday. It is free to take part and there are prizes to be won!

The contests are aimed at grades K-8, but if a teacher feels this is an appropriate level for other students, they are also welcome to join. Students can play online, either at school or at home, using the website or the App. In order to join in the fun, teachers can enter their class: For any questions, contact SDoL typically has several classes that place in the Top 10.

Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision K-12 Science Competition Opportunity

ExploraVision, which is sponsored by Toshiba and administered by NSTA, was created to help motivate young students K-12 to excel in science and technology. Working in teams of two to four to design innovative technologies that could exist in 20 years, students have the opportunity to win up to a $10,000 U.S. Savings Bond (at maturity). The program is also offering great prize packages for the teachers and the school with the largest number of qualified teams. New this year, to celebrate ExploraVision’s 24th anniversary, the top 24 teachers who submit more than 24 eligible online entries will win a Toshiba Tablet. Teachers can learn more about the 2015–2016 competition by watching ExploraVision’s new video, hosted by Bill Nye the Science Guy, or visiting the competition website. The deadline for all projects is February 1st. This deadline coincides extremely well with our SDoL STEM Fair in terms of creating one project that could be entered in multiple competitions.

Parent Access via HAC

October 29th – SDOL will turn on the area of HAC that allows parents to see classwork/gradebook information. This information has already been communicated on social media and will be posted again in the next week or so. This area of HAC will allow parents to see assignments and the scores the students are receiving on those assignments.

December 1st – SDOL will turn on the areas of eSchoolPLUS that allow parents to see students’ report card grades, as well as the ability for parents to print a copy of the report card. These are two different options in HAC, but we will be turning both on at the same time.

Specifically, this allows teachers the opportunity to sit with parents at parent/teacher conferences and walk through the new report card prior to parents seeing it online, as well as, providing parents access to student performance grades at the end of the first marking period.

Quarterly Fluency Checks

By Monday October 12th, all quarterly fluency checks for Grades K-5 will be available on the intranet in the grade-specific subfolders of the Elementary Math folder. Directions and scoring information will also be provided as part of this document. Grades 1-5 will administer the first check at the end of Marking Period 1. As noted in the CIG, K5 will not begin to formally assess fluency until Marking Period 3.

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There are 5 FRIDAYS in OCTOBER!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you want to wear jeans EVERY FRIDAY this month pay $20 (Support Staff- $10) to help fight against this awful disease. All money will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Only interested in a couple of Fridays...donate $5 (support staff- $3) for each Friday that you would like to wear jeans. Money can be given to Jen in the main office. Those that donate for the entire month will receive a pink bracelet to wear each Friday! All others will receive a sticker to wear.

Here are some facts to think about:

  • Each year, more than 200,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women and nearly 2,000 cases are diagnosed in men in the U.S.
  • One in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
  • One case of breast cancer is diagnosed among women every two minutes in the U.S.

Show your support by wearing pink on Fridays and consider donating, because everyone deserves a lifetime.


MONDAY 10/12/15

  • No School for Students
  • Teacher PD Day- (Professional Dress)

TUESDAY 10/13/15


WEDNESDAY 10/14/15

  • Early Dismissal
  • Monthly Celebration Day
  • Afternoon PD

THURSDAY 10/15/15

  • K-3 Hearing Screening -Media Center (See Calendar Invite)
  • Parent Breakfast- Featured Guest Lincoln Principal-Mr. Keene

FRIDAY 10/16/15

  • Baseline Data for SLOs due
  • 3rd Grade Height/Weight/Vision Screening
  • Bucket Filler Tickets due to Mr. Wertman's mailbox or office after announcements
  • JEANS DAY-see more information above


Week of October 19th- 1:1 Meetings (More Information to follow)

October 28th- Math Night (Grades 2-5)


  • WEEK OF 10/5/15 WINNER: Adea Sensenig has won a KOHL'S gift certificate.


October 14th is National Dessert Day! Answer some dessert trivia questions!

Morning Meeting Focus: Bullying Prevention

All students will receive Bracelets to show their commit to Bullying Prevention. These can be distributed at teacher discretion as a culmination of the week and a reminder for the future.

Supplemental Resources: