Wanted: The Perfect Mate!


I am a one-eyed, unibrowed female looking for my perfect mate!

I am purple-striped and have webbed feet and a mohawk. I am recessive for all my traits, except for my unibrow, four legs, and my mohawk, and in this case, all of those traits are heterogeneously dominant. This means that I am homozygous for most of my traits.

I love to read scary books, listen to heavy metal music, and walk around the ground because I don't have wings.

What I'm Looking For....

My perfect male mate should have green fur, either heterogeneous or homogeneous for the trait is fine (Gg or GG). To mix it up a bit, I would like someone with polka dots (DD). I'd love for you too have three eyes, soooooo dreamy! And you must, must, MUST(!!) have ears so that you can hear my mellifluous voice! Other than that, I'm not really picky about the other traits you must have.

If you match the characteristics that I have put in my ad, give me a call at 555-0001 or email me at tangerine0020@google.com. Let's see if this could be the beginnings of a beautiful friendship. ;)


Clementine Personal AD by clementine0020

Are these you!? Let me know!

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