Christophers 5 Favorite Things

Dogs, Order, Red, Familiar People, and Toby


"I like dogs. You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross, and concentrated. Also, dogs are faithful and they do not tell lies because they cannot tell lies" (Haddon 3-4).

Dogs are meaningful to Christopher because as an effect of his autism he has trouble reading someone's facial expression. Whereas with dogs, he can easily tell what they are feeling. He also does not have to worry about dogs

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"I said I liked things to be in a nice order. And one way of things being in a nice order was to be logical" (Haddon 24).

Christopher likes things to be in a nice order because his autism causes him to not understand or comprehend events or objects that are miscellaneous. Also since Christopher is a very intelligent individual, he likes things to be the way they should be; in order.

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Red Cars

"Four red cars in a row made it a Good Day, and three red cars in a row made it a Quiet Good Day, and five red cars in a row made it a Super Good Day,"(Haddon 24).

Red cars are important to Christopher because of the kind of day depends on how any red cars he sees. In effect of expecting things to be in order, the pattern of red cars that appear in a row strongly appeals to him, causing him to be attracted to the red cars.

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Familiar People

"I do not like strangers because I do not like people I have never me before. They are hard to understand" (Haddon34).

Christopher does not like strangers, therefore he enjoys and feels more comfortable with familiar people. Christopher's disability makes it hard for him to understand facial expressions, he takes things literally, and dislikes being laughed at. These are normal actions that you encounter with strangers; a smile, sometimes a figure of speech, a good laugh. If Christopher is not familiar with someone, it is hard for him to interact with them, so he prefers to interact with individuals that he has encountered before.

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Toby, His Pet Rat

"Most people don't like rats because they think they carry diseases like bubonic plague. But rats are clean. Toby is always washing himself" (Haddon 40).

Toby is important to Christopher because he is Christopher's best friend. Just as the same reason Christopher likes dogs, he likes Toby; he is faithful. Christopher is clearly different, making it hard for him to make many friends. Since Toby is clean, faithful, quiet, and always around Christopher, he is Christopher's closest companion.

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